Prices in Goa - products, souvenirs, transportation. How much money to take in Goa

Prices in Goa

Prices in Goa

Many people think that prices in Goa are lower than in otherfashionable resorts. But this is true only in respect of the average prices of accommodation. If we consider the average cost of services, the rest in Goa is more expensive than a vacation in Bulgaria or Greece. The cost of many goods, products and services in Goa is much lower as compared to the prices in Russia.
Tourist expenditures depend on the following factors:

  • Lounges,
  • Hotel category
  • the degree of comfort,
  • season
  • number of days.

In Goa, the price change is not as fast as in Russia. The average price increase is not more than 10% per year. The cost of many goods and services remains stable for several years. In India, the rupee exchange rate against the ruble sometimes vary very considerably, it is necessary to take into account the tourist. If you are interested in a budget vacation, you will need no more than $ 700 for 2 weeks (for 1 person). In this case, you can rely on low-cost housing. If you want a decent room with all amenities, restaurants, entertainment and souvenirs, then cook for at least $ 1,500 per person.

The main costs in Goa:

  • housing,
  • food,
  • transport,
  • entertainment,
  • buy souvenirs and clothes,
  • Us.

Accommodation in Goa

At the cost of housing is influenced by many factors: lease term, proximity to the beach, amenities and availability. In the guesthouse (guest house), good room costs Rs 700-1,000. Remove the housing can be in advance by contacting one of the sites with the possibility of booking. Using this system, you can choose the appropriate option at any Goa village. Double room costs 700-1400 rubles for 1 night. You can also rent and bungalows, which will be located on the seashore. Bungalow differ excellent ventilation, but poor sound insulation. Hut next to the sea is from 400 to 700 rupees per night. The standard option is a hotel property. A higher standard of accommodation ensures the villa. In the coastal area of ​​the villa can be rented simple 10 thousand rupees per month. More luxury homes costing 20-25 thousand rupees.


In Goa tourists use scooters, motorcycles andcars. Rent a scooter for a day costs 250 rupees. Scooter can take a month for 4,000 rupees. Motorcycle on the day will cost Rs 300 and more, depending on the model. Rent a car worth Rs 600-1300 per day.


Prices in Goa on products low. If you eat in cheap cafes, the food goes to about 1000 rupees per day. Fans of gourmet dishes are more significant costs - about 1800 rupees per day. The amounts spent on food, depending on personal preferences tourist.


  • Prices in Goa

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