The cost of living in India

The cost of living in India

The cost of living in India

Many tourists traveling to Asia,there is a desire while on vacation do not just relax on the beach, soaking up the hot sun, but still discover new, amazing places, get acquainted with the ancient civilizations, architecture and culture. In this regard, Great holiday on the Indian Ocean, and the cost of living in India will not become a burden for the traveler.

Such different holiday

Since India is a huge territory, have had guests have a choice of one or another type of holiday.

Wellness centers offer:

  • beach holiday on the Indian Ocean;
  • active tourism for fans of extreme sports, and travel;
  • educational tourism, implying familiarity with the country, the outdoors,
  • Wellness vacation, acquainting with different practices and meditations.

It is clear that such an abundance of proposalsIt involves a huge number of tourists. Therefore the Indians and watching the development of hotel base, increase the number of seats for guests and improve the quality of service. At the same Goa can be found on the coast of comfortable hotels 5 *, where the sum of the accommodation will be 80-100 USD. Per day, 4 * hotels for 50-90 USD., With conventional 3 * from 20 to 90 dollars.

Many tourists enthusiastically recall chichotel is located in these palaces or buildings with an interesting history. The cost of single rooms in these hotels soars to 150-200 dollars. But in addition to living on the beach, yoga and Ayurveda fans have the opportunity to practice meditation, yoga acquainted with schools in specialized clinics.

Rest royally

A distinctive feature of Indian hotelsIt is the exclusive attitude of the staff to the needs and concerns of vacationers. The Indians are ready to do everything possible (and impossible), so that the guest feel comfortable and as comfortable as possible.

Employees of the hotel take care of the reputation of a place wherework, because we are sure - if tourists enjoy rest, he will definitely come back here and would recommend the hotel to their friends. Just keep in mind that the silent request, backed by a small amount of tips will be done much faster than persistent, loud call.

Before you go to learn a greatcountry and a great culture, be sure to consult on the region of residence. For example, a family vacation is better to spend on the south coast of the beautiful resort of Goa, as its northern part is dominated by young and active travelers, who are willing to have fun all day and night.


  • The cost of living in India
  • The cost of living in India
  • The cost of living in India

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