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Features India

Features India

India - colorful and very interesting country withtheir specific way of life, as well as one of the oldest civilizations, traditions that revere to this day. The Indians are so different to all the other peoples and national characteristics of India are so unique that not notice it is simply impossible.

Communication and nature

In India, never shake hands. For the welcome you simply need to connect the palm as though in prayer. Although foreigners can make an exception. Excess will be a demonstration of the senses, as in India even to hold hands is not accepted.

The Indians are very friendly and religious. In India, perhaps, there is all the world religions, but it does not cause any problems, all exist peacefully with each other. Also, there is still widespread caste system, that is, people are divided into social groups by origin. It regulates the whole of their life, their profession and responsibilities, even in major cities from this trying gradually to withdraw.

Indians are very sacred honor family traditions, there are few divorces, only in special cases. Girls in India are raising it to marriage and choice of groom engaged their father.

Features country

  • In India, a huge number of ancient temples, some are even carved into the rocks. Many of them are under the protection of UNESCO.
  • Apart from Hindi in India, many different local languages, it all depends on the individual countries of the region. In general, here 22 official language.
  • It is unlikely that there are those who have not heard of Bollywood - is the largest film industry in the world (as opposed to Hollywood, as many think), which takes about 800 films a year.
  • National clothing (saris) in India are almost all women, but men often dress in a western.

What can be done in India:

  • Offend cows. It is a sacred animal to the Hindus.
  • Come on time. In India, people are always late, and transport, so do not arrive early, and you'll have to wait very long.
  • Show aggression is not worth it, the Indians did not understand and be offended.
  • You can not point the finger, and the soles of shoes to send to the side of people or the altar - it is disrespectful.
  • Drink tap water. You can get sick.
  • It is impossible not to trade in India. It is something like a local custom, but you need to be able to bargain. There is a play, a kind of game whose rules you need to know.
  • You can not go to the temple in the shoe and take photos without permission.


  • Features India
  • Features India
  • Features India

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