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The traditional cuisine of India

The traditional cuisine of India

Food in India is characterized by the fact that to findHere food is not a problem - every step of open cafes and snack bars, but not everywhere there can be found the usual European food (local food, which adds a lot of hot spices, be able to withstand every stomach). Therefore, the local institutions it is advisable to request that you have filed a dish without spices.

Food in India

Diet Hindus constitute cereal porridge,rice, beans, vegetables, fruit, yogurt. Most Hindus do not eat meat, but some of them eat the bird, goat meat and mutton, and the inhabitants of coastal areas - fish and seafood (shrimp, oysters, squid, lobster).

Depending on the visit to the region, you will understand,that the cuisine of different regions of India are very different from each other. So, making a bet on North Indian cuisine, you can taste kofta (minced meat balls); rice dishes; tandoori (chicken cooked in a clay pot); Kebab (grilled meat), and for dessert - rasmalai (cheese balls with condensed milk), jalebi (pretzel spiral shape, drizzled with sugar syrup).

As for South Indian food (it is basedare vegetarian options), worth a try idli (pie with rice and lentils), dosa (crispy pancakes stuffed with potatoes), sambhar (rice with curry).

Where to eat in India? At your service:

  • bhodzhanalai and dhaba (you can enjoy a simple meal at these cheap Indian fast as lentil soup and vegetable curry);
  • Indian restaurants (they are divided into vegetarian and non-vegetarian);
  • Restaurant Suite (here you can enjoy the classic Indian dishes the best quality, so they are, by Indian standards, very expensive);
  • tourist restaurants (the cost of food in them is quite high, and the quality of products often leaves much to be desired);
  • places where you can order dishes of the international fast food cuisine such as burgers (no beef), pizza or bhaji (fried vegetable patties based on chick-pea flour).

Drinks in India

A popular drink in India are tea(Often it add cardamom and ginger), coffee, fruit drinks (mango, lemon, apple, guayyavovye), sugar cane juice, lassi (the drink preparing them whipped yogurt with the addition of a sugar or salt, or fruit), beer, toddy (palm wine).

In India, you can buy Scotch whiskey (Seagram's Hundred) and Indian rum, which taste quite sweet and kind.

Gastronomic Tour in India

Gastronomic Tour to India - a greatopportunity to visit the gourmet restaurants, offering its guests the dishes of national cuisine. True gourmets will appreciate certain meat and vegetarian dishes, characterized by an unexpected combination of flavors and lots of spices.

Hotels in India, do not buy food from street vendors (they are not familiar with the rules of storage products) - try to eat in establishments preferred by Europeans.

Photos national dishes of India

  • The traditional cuisine of India
  • The traditional cuisine of India
  • The traditional cuisine of India

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