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Traditions of India

Traditions of India

Absolutely exotic India unusual throughout. Here, a special kitchen and its concept of sanitation, amazing colors and unusual nature. In the streets of its cities easily roam elephants and monkeys, and holiday or wedding traditions of India to conquer absolutely any visitor with its brightness and fabulous atmosphere. Going into a far country, it is best to be aware of local customs, to the relationship with the local people evolved positively and favorably.

Castes and wedding

One of the ancient traditions of India, is the divisioncaste. They are a group of people who have special customs, way of life, the rules of conduct and even the opportunity to live and work. Wedding traditions are closely linked to caste and to marry a representative of another caste is still very problematic.
The bride and groom choose the parents, they are alsonegotiate the dowry and other conditions of the ceremony. Typically it pays for everything the bride's father, and, when you consider that in the Indian wedding attended by at least five hundred guests, the birth of a girl here - it is a disadvantage. Related to this is another tradition of India, which is rather a law: the doctor has the right to inform prospective parents the child's sex, to those not tempted to get rid of the unborn daughter.

Manage your emotions!

  • The Indians are not used as a greetinghandshakes and to say hello to the interlocutor, it is sufficient to say the traditional "Namaste!", clasped with hands together, and bring them to the chin.
  • Do not try to talk to touch an opponent, especially when talking to a woman.
  • Control your emotions and do not raise your voice, evenif the person you was a disappointment. Traditions of India prescribe restrain anger and irritation, but because the conversation in a raised voice will not speed up the achievement of the desired result.
  • Remember the "Rule of the left hand", according to which it is considered unclean and can not be used during a meal or to transfer to another person of any article.
  • Be sure to remove your shoes at the entrance to the temple, and when the conversation does not sit leg to leg to shoe soles were turned toward the other person. It is considered a sign of disrespect.
  • Before you take a picture of someone, ask permission. However, this rule - rather a formality, because the people of India love the camera and always willing to pose for tourists.


  • Traditions of India
  • Traditions of India

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