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Vehicles in India

Vehicles in India

Vehicles in India although it represented a variety of types of messages, but not as well developed as in other countries.

The main modes of transport in India

  • Buses: buy a ticket on public buses can be in cash or in the controller (you can find the schedule at stations and stations). And for the purchase of tickets for the private buses should go to the tourist office (where you can also learn about the movement of the schedule). But if you want them can be purchased at the entrance of the bus interior.
  • Minibuses (designed for 10-12 people): they are cruising in remote areas (mostly rock). The fare on the taxi is more expensive than buses, and they hit the road as the occupancy.
  • Air transport: thanks to the domestic airlines, you can comfortably reach the most remote Indian states.
    It should be borne in mind that the cancellation or delay of flights - not a rare phenomenon in the country.
  • Railway transport: since all major cities of India are connected by rail, then we can get on trains, tickets are fairly cheap, if desired, to the desired destination. In some places, the railroad cut off, but in this case, to continue the path from one station to another by bus. You, as a tourist can buy Indian Pass - one ticket (it is called) can travel on the railways for some time. These tickets are sold at the train \ d stations in big cities and in tourist offices in India.
  • Rickshaws: in the country there are bicycles and auto rickshaws (they can reach anywhere in the city as quickly as possible).


Take a taxi, it is important to check,whether the driver threw the counter. And since a lot of taxis with broken or missing meters, about the cost of the trip it is advisable to agree in advance of the country.

At airports and train stations, you can usepublic services taxi - they work on advance payment (cash located within walking distance from exit). Payment of travel, you need to take a receipt - it should not be given to the driver until the end of the trip (he has no right to ask for a large amount of the fare).

Car rent

Before you rent a car in India should knowthat the quality of roads in the country's poor and often on them there are no markings and road signs (the country has a left-hand drive), and the local drivers do not respect traffic rules. This service is available in major cities and resorts, but the best option - to take a car rental with a driver: so you will avoid a lot of unpleasant moments and low obzavedetes guide.

Travel to India, you can manage both the standard (plane, bus, train) and non-standard (rickshaw) vehicles.


  • Vehicles in India
  • Vehicles in India
  • Vehicles in India

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