Holidays in India in August: prices and weather. Where to rest in India in August

Holidays in India in August

Holidays in India in August

For many European travelers Indiaassociated with fantastic country with almost Kiselny rivers and milk banks. This country is really very kind to tourists, trying to show the best of everything, offering a chic beach holiday, an interesting route of cognitive tours, a variety of goods and Indian souvenirs.

Holidays in India in August will take place against the backdrop ofsufficiently high temperatures, but given the low season, without invasion of tourists, overcrowded hotels, respectively, the absolute attention of the maintenance personnel to all guests, without exception.


The domination of the summer monsoon in India inthis time may not provide the best conditions for relaxation. High humidity, numerous deposits can be a hindrance for beach holidays. But those hours can be devoted to trips around the country and get acquainted with its cultural values.

The maximum temperature (+29 ºC .. + 30 ºC) awaits those who choose to relax Himalayas. However, the monsoon is not felt, and good weather is a frequent visitor.

independence Day

This holy day for all Indians celebrated 15of August. Because the whole country without exception likes bright events, then that day is not without cost lush parade, holiday concerts and brighten the night sky fireworks.

Festival of Raksha-Doo-Rag

Standing in the day in the calendar of celebrationsNo month can vary (July or August). But if the tourists are lucky, and his vacation to coincide with the celebration of Raksha Bandana, should immediately join the locals.

One of the main rituals of getting a bath innear the pond: river, lake, sea. Indians have a water god, who is called Varuna. Traditionally on this day, he receives offerings of coconuts.

And another very touching ritual takes place between brothers and sisters. On the day of Raksha Bandana celebration every girl's brother replaces worn on the wrist strap to the new blessed.

Krishna's birthday

Another local celebration is not accuratemonth and date of celebration, but it is marked with a true Indian scale. For this holiday, each temple is decorated with illuminations, are solemn service. In Mathura, where Krishna spent his childhood, they give their special honors on the tradition. The highlight of the festival can be considered theatrical mime and dance.

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  • Holidays in India in August
  • Holidays in India in August

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