Holidays in India in January: the prices and the weather. Where to rest in India in January

Holidays in India in January

Holidays in India in January

India - a country that has for a long timeits mystery and unique culture attracts tourists from around the world. The big flow of people of all countries come to India to meet with the ancient traditions of this wonderful country and enjoy its mild climate. In January, the country guarantees its guests a warm, sunny days, crystal clear sea water and a variety of entertainment. Holidays in India in January, you will remember not only the quiet pastime. You can also actively engage in skiing.

If you decide to go to rest to India in January, remember that here are the best ski resorts in Asia. The most popular of them are:

  1. Uttar Pradesh.
  2. Kashmir.
  3. Gimachal Pradesh.

Holidays in Goa in January

In January, the most in demand with touristsenjoy tours to Goa. Here you can relax on the amazing beaches along the coast of the Indian Ocean. Beach lovers are advised to visit the Indian states like Goa and Kerala. Arriving in Goa, you will see people unspoiled sandy beaches, which are located along the Arabian Sea in the south-east of the country. The resort is divided into southern and northern part. Once many years ago, the northern part of Goa was chosen by hippies. There, they were hiding from civilization and enjoy the beauty of nature alone. And today, this famous resort comes a lot of young people. For this category of tourists here has everything what can only dream of today's youth: many hotels of different levels of comfort, night clubs, discos and bars.

The southern part of the northern part of Goa is different,above all, their pricing and respectability. There can afford leisure only people with large incomes. Local hotels in South Goa are renowned for their high level of service and comfort. These mainly come vacationers who are looking for privacy and want to be alone with nature. In January of leisure options at the resort very much. For example, Dona Paula - a real heavenly place for couples, where, among other, offers excellent conditions for various sports. In the central part of the south Goa has settled a place called Colva. There are many hotels with very democratic prices. In the evening, guests Colva offers a variety of recreational activities for every taste.

Travel to India in January, and comfortable temperatures and cloudless skies make your stay truly remarkable.

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