The coat of arms of Indonesia: a photo, a value description

The coat of arms of Indonesia

The coat of arms of Indonesia

Coat of arms of the country was approved in 1950. The coat of arms of Indonesia is an image of the legendary bird Garuda, has a shield on his chest. The coat of arms has five elements - the five principles of Pancha Sila, the country's main philosophy. Designed the emblem of Sultan Hamid II.

The symbol of Garuda

Garuda - a golden eagle, which is drawn from the imagemythology. It is a chimera with the wings, beak and talons the eagle, but with a human torso and arms. Garuda in mythology is rideable bird of Vishnu. Figure of Garuda there in many temples in Indonesia.

The image of Garuda interested in these aspects:

  • It appears in many mythological traditions of Indonesia;
  • It is a symbol of knowledge, power, courage, bravery, loyalty, and discipline;
  • Garuda - being Vishnu which helps to maintain the existing world order;
  • Garuda is depicted in golden color, with bright colors;
  • It is a symbol and embodiment of Indonesia's national philosophy - Pancha force;
  • Garuda is also used as symbols of Thailand;
  • The symbol of this bird - it is also a reminder of the Hindu kingdoms that existed in the archipelago. From them has its origins in Indonesia.
  • The golden color of the coat of arms - it is a symbol of power and glory.

Features Indonesian escutcheon

Shield on the coat of arms of Indonesia has four parts. At the heart of the shield is a small shield. It has several parts. Red part of a bull's head. Wood with a natural color, which has a green crown, also on a silver field. On a silver field is escaping rice with cotton. Displayed on a red background of gold chain. Parts of the shield separates the strip of black color as the equator divides the earth into two parts. All elements of the emblem represent the five components of the philosophy of Pancasila.

shield Symbols

Bull - symbol of democracy and reasonable policystate. It is a social animal, taking care of all the people living in this country. Star - symbol of faith in the one God. The fact that it is on a black background, represents Islam - a major religion in Indonesia. The star is also a symbol of the secular state. The tree symbolizes the unity of Indonesia, despite the fact that it consists of many nations. Rice and cotton symbolize social justice, and the chain - humanity fair state.


  • The coat of arms of Indonesia

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