Activities in Indonesia in August: prices and weather. Where to rest in Indonesia in August

Activities in Indonesia in August

Activities in Indonesia in August

State The occupying large areas insouth-eastern part of Asia, and even an infinite number of large and small islands, is aware of his merits in the field of tourism and hourly demonstrated their numerous guests. Activities in Indonesia in August promises active pastime at the beach, trips to the national bias, familiarity with ancient monuments of history and unique nature.


August - one of the most favorable for recreation inIndonesia months. Minimum precipitation, sunny days guaranteed maximum tourists. Daytime temperatures pleases, showing up to +31 ºC, Vodicka is also very comfortable, it comes to +27 ºC.

Rice diet

Find true Indonesian cuisine in the country -very difficult. A mixture of the dishes of neighboring India, China and local specialties creates an amazing kaleidoscope of flavors. But the main and favorite is still the rice, which is cooked, hover, use with many sauces and spices.

The second area is a favorite with tourists - exotic local cuisine. You can try the swallows' nests, frogs legs (hello from France), cuttlefish delicacy.

Ah, this heavenly wedding

Newlyweds make up a significant grouptravelers crossing the borders of Indonesia. It is clear that the financial situation of a young family or wedding gifts should be at the level of, as the rest are not cheap. But the brightness of experience covers the financial aspects.

In addition, the wedding ceremony can beand held the place of recreation, in the best traditions of Indonesia. And this may be a symbolic painting in the colorful scenery and accompanied by local musicians. And the real ceremony of the laws of the country, but in this case the cost of services increases many times, and preparation (approval) will take a lot of time.

independence Day

Tourists arriving in the country in August, shouldparticipate in the incendiary and unforgettable celebration of Independence Day, which falls on 17 August. Lush ceremony during the day and an extensive entertainment evening program offers its participants.

The island of thousand temples

In fact, the temples in Baliabout 20 times higher. Among them there are places of worship, Hinduism fans of the sanctuary, and the small Buddhist stupas. Many of them are being built in honor of the spirits of the local mountains or rivers. Getting to know the rich history and culture of the island will impress any tourist, allow to touch the great, largely incomprehensible faith.

Activities in Indonesia

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  • Activities in Indonesia in August
  • Activities in Indonesia in August

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