Activities in Indonesia in December: the prices and the weather. Where to rest in Indonesia in December

Activities in Indonesia in December

Activities in Indonesia in December

Activities in Indonesia in December - a tropical fairy tale with bright green palm trees, white sand, gentle sea and a breathtaking sunset.

December holidays in Indonesia

  • Harry Natal, or Christmas in Indonesian - isa very popular holiday. It is celebrated on December 25. The traditions of this country something similar to the European. Long before the start of a holiday locals begin to decorate shop windows, shopping malls, home. If you have an opportunity to get into this country for Christmas, then wherever you go, everywhere you will meet Santa Claus with Christmas songs and postcards. In the run up to Christmas, anyone can take part in the charity and to present their gifts to the needy.
  • Immediately after the end of Christmas begins the so-called "Shared Holiday". The essence of this holiday - to unite people of different religions, who on different days of celebrating Christmas.
  • Residents of Indonesia from December 31 to January 1celebrate the New Year. All shopping malls, hotels and other institutions rages pre-Christmas mood. People returning home from work, acquire paper caps, fireworks and pipes. Pre days in this country - it is the perfect time for shopping. It just stores these days satisfied just crazy discounts.

Apart from holidays in Indonesia in December, you will be able to get acquainted with the culture of this amazing country, to make excursions to local attractions.

Weather in Indonesia in December

In December, temperatures in this country amounts to about + 29C, + 26C water. Sometimes there are showers, but they do not last long. After half an hour already shining bright sun in the sky.

New Year tours in Indonesia have become verypopular. After all, during the holidays, you will be able to fully relax in this wonderful country: dancing on the disco, to see colorful show, watch the grand solemn act, try delicious cuisine.

Activities in Indonesia

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  • Activities in Indonesia in December

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