Rest in Indonesia in February: prices and weather. Where to rest in Indonesia in February

Rest in Indonesia in February

Rest in Indonesia in February

If you are bored with February's fierce frosts,then you have time to rest in Indonesia. In winter you can relax in the hot country. Here you will have the wonderful opportunity to climb the active volcano, visit the various ancient temples and see how the locals extract sulfur.

We recommend that you also take a trip to Rinca island andKomodo. There is a unique park, which is called "Jurassic Park." You will be able to meet the "dragon" - they are large lizards, up to 2 m encourage you to visit the various tours, during which you can admire beautiful landscapes, tropical forests, diverse wildlife of this wonderful country, as well as scuba diving and see. scenic reefs.

Entertainment in Indonesia in February:

  • Feast called Ramadan, which is held here from January to February, will welcome you with its colorful parades and carnivals.
  • You will be surprised, "Eid Atkha" - is a Muslim holiday that locals celebrate two days.
  • Indonesians in the middle of February is very actively celebrate the New Year according to the lunar calendar.
  • Festival called "Festival of donations" remembered many guests of this country for its amazing carnivals and parades.

Where to visit in Indonesia in February

Most often, a trip to Indonesia in February suggests holiday in Bali. The most elite resort on the island - Nusa Dua. On its coast are located luxury spas and numerous hotels.

For hermit ideal resortJimbaran. Here, you are far from civilization, you can fully enjoy all the beauty of the underwater world of Indonesia, sunbathe on beautiful beaches and listen to the surf.

A favorite place for young people and surfers in FebruaryKuta is. Here until dawn boils active life. Before tourists all night opened the doors of numerous clubs, restaurants, discos and shops. Also on the island it is a wonderful water park, which will certainly enjoy your baby.

Ubud - one of the most picturesque resortsIndonesia. This is paradise, which hovers atmosphere of tranquility and harmony. There are many fine hotels, a spa, various restaurants.

In Lovina you will rest on the black sand, trips to the hot springs, lakes and waterfalls, and ancient Buddhist monastery.

Indonesia - it is a wonderful country, which will give you and your children an unforgettable experience.

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