Activities in Indonesia in July: prices and weather. Where to rest in Indonesia in July

Activities in Indonesia in July

Activities in Indonesia in July

The first thing on arrival in Indonesia heartourists, down from the ladder - a beautiful legend of Bali. According to her island it was originally created for the rest of the gods, and only much later, they relented and allowed the human race to dwell here in luxury and idleness. Tourists afford to stay in Indonesia in July, it will be felt from the first minute of your stay on this paradise earth.


Indonesia in July, covers the tourist boom, thethere is a flow of visitors from different countries increases every second, which can not fail to please the owners of hotels, although they sincerely wonder why tourists can not select January to rest at the same temperatures, but without the hustle and bustle.

It attracts tourists the height of the dry season when rain can not spoil a short vacation, happy air temperature, which is in the vicinity of +30 ºC, water and +26 ºC.

The battle between good and evil

As of July accounts for an amazing holidayGalungan, as it turns out, who is still stronger, Darma, personifying the forces of good in this world, or Adarma, respectively, the universal evil. A feature of the festival is that the city's neighborhoods are transformed into bamboo groves, as all decorated with greens of this plant.

Arts Festival

We rest on Bali in July, there is every chancego to a local arts festival. The main activities - costume show, offers dramatic design and craftsmanship. Many incendiary parties will be a wonderful occasion for tourists to join the celebrations.

Fly, fly a kite

Such festivals have been held around the Earthball, however, the most vivid and colorful events are held in July, it was in Bali. Tourists, especially, affect the size of the most kites, and in whose honor the feast is organized. Enormous machines are made by hand, and to run one person is clearly not enough. In addition, launching kites that show the beauty of their wards, they must demonstrate the ability to manage a private design and win air battles.

Indonesian souvenirs

A stay at the Indonesian resorts and dopurchase memory can be considered a crime. After all, local shopping centers and markets - a storehouse, necessary and relatively inexpensive items and unique souvenirs.

The most valuable asset tourists callbatik, beautiful fabrics, secrets which local craftsmen kept under lock and key. In addition, they will spice baskets, delicious coffee, pearls and silver. Children will love the heroes of the national theater, dragon figurines or masks.

Activities in Indonesia

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  • Activities in Indonesia in July
  • Activities in Indonesia in July

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