Activities in Indonesia in October: prices and weather. Where to rest in Indonesia in October

Activities in Indonesia in October

Activities in Indonesia in October

October is one of the most visitedmonths of the year for Indonesia. Comfortable weather attracts tourists from around the world. So, what the weather conditions are established in Indonesia in October?

During the day the temperature can reach 29 - 31degrees Celsius. However, the exact figure depends on the region of Indonesia. It should be noted that the cooler in the mountainous areas. At night colder in Indonesia to about 24 degrees. The water off the coast of Indonesia warms up to +27 ... 29C, depending on the area. Thus, you can be sure that swimming would be enjoyable and beneficial to health. If desired, you can go surfing and diving, because the best conditions for this set.

Among the shortcomings should be noted Weathera high level of humidity due to the fact that Indonesia has a tropical climate reigns. Be prepared for the fact that October is the last month of the dry season, so it is the last opportunity to enjoy a relaxing holiday.

Holidays and festivals in Indonesia in October

Activities in Indonesia in October, allows not only to relax on the beach, enjoying the spectacular views, but also to take care of an interesting cultural activities. What events deserve your attention?

  • In some years the festival falls in OctoberRain, which is traditionally held on Lombok. Rain Festival is a strange act. People get together, and then begin to throw each other ketupat, representing boiled rice wrapped in the leaves of palm trees. It is believed that throwing ketupat can cause rain and contribute to the production of a good harvest.
  • In mid-October, is held in UbudLiterary Festival, which is coming writers from around the world. The festival includes lectures, seminars, readings, Carnival of prose and poetry, raznotematicheskie exhibition. This event allows you to attract people's attention to the culture of Indonesia. Besides Literature Festival contributes to the establishment of creative contacts between writers from Asia and Western countries.
  • In the Kuta Carnival is held in October, which includes performances by musical groups, surfing competitions, kite flying.
    In Indonesia, in October we have a lot of public holidays. On the first day it decided to celebrate Day of protection of Pancasila, the fifth - the Day of the Armed Forces of Bali, this twenty-eighth - Youth Day oath.

Enjoy an unforgettable trip to Indonesia in October!

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  • Activities in Indonesia in October
  • Activities in Indonesia in October

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