Where better to relax in Indonesia. Where to go in Indonesia?

Where to rest in Indonesia

Where to rest in Indonesia

Activities in Indonesia, a country with a fabulously hotbeautiful nature, it is becoming more and more popular. Any more or less experienced traveler gladly tell you where to go for a vacation in Indonesia out of personal experiences, which, of course, there will be many. So where better to relax in Indonesia?

Indonesia - a country where it is always warm. Hot weather, amazingly clear blue water, the smallest white sand beaches and the truly heavenly views attract more tourists to Indonesia. Especially tempting for holidaymakers following the Indonesian island:

  • Bali;
  • Lombok;
  • Java;
  • Kalimantan (Borneo);
  • Sulawesi;
  • Sumatra.

On these islands are the most famousIndonesian resorts with the highest level of service and excellent infrastructure. From the variety of places of recreation, one can choose the one that will enjoy the most.

Family holiday

Relaxing family vacation resorts provideBali. Of particular note is the resort of Kuta, where children are visiting the water park will be glad Waterboom, Seminyak with original water attractions and Jimbaran, which often are bright national holidays. In Sanur very nice and safe to swim, because the coastal strip is protected by a coral reef, which is very attractive for families with children.

All resorts of Bali famous beachespristine white sand and clear blue water, plenty of restaurants where you can enjoy the local cuisine, and a small shop, which offers exotic souvenirs.


When the happy couple are discussing where bestholiday in Indonesia, the first thought is usually about Bali. And this is true: the island resorts created just for the newlyweds enjoyed a honeymoon in the lap of the wondrous nature in the magnificent hotels. For a memorable holiday away from civilization will approach the quiet resort town of Ubud and Uluwatu. For romantic walks a great place would be the island of Lombok, where the gorgeous antique shops and you can find beautiful ceramics and unique fabric in the local market. A newly-married couple, who can afford not to save money on vacation, a very pleasant resort of Nusa Dua, where are luxury hotels, luxurious restaurants and boutiques, buzzing vibrant nightlife.


Indonesia - literally heavenlyplace for diving. An avid fan of the sport are encouraged to visit Sanur, where there is a large diving center, Moyo island, where in addition to diving, you can get carried away snorkingom and fishing, as well as Jimbaran, where there are several deep-water beaches. Surfers perfectly spend time in Uluwatu. And golf lovers will find something for everyone on the field well-appointed resort of Nusa Dua.

Cultural holidays

Sumatra Island - one of the most suitable places,where better to relax in Indonesia curious travelers. For tourists on the island of comfortable hotels at affordable prices, and a visit to Lake Toba, the national park and familiarity with the rituals and customs of the inhabitants of the island of Nias will be remembered for a long time.

On Sulawesi, you can get acquainted with the unusualToraja peoples way of life, and Bintan impress picturesque ruins and fascinating excursions in the park and elephants on pineapple farm. But connoisseurs of architecture is to go to Jakarta - capital of Indonesia, which is located on the island of Java, and admire the magnificent grandeur of the temple complexes of Borobudur and Prambanan.

Activities in Indonesia - a gentle ocean,unforgettable beaches, fascinating walk through the local markets, lush flowering vegetation and a lot of impressions for adults and children. Indonesia is certainly worth a visit at least once to the memory of the paradise corner of the earth warmed for a long time.

Activities in Indonesia

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  • Where to rest in Indonesia
  • Where to rest in Indonesia
  • Where to rest in Indonesia
  • Where to rest in Indonesia
  • Where to rest in Indonesia
  • Where to rest in Indonesia

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