The capital of Iran: map, photo. What is the capital of Iran?

Tehran - Iran's capital

Tehran - Iran's capital

Interesting definition received from local residents of the capital of Iran - Tehran wonderful they call "never sleeping heart of the country." Indeed, life in the city does not stop, day or night.

City, comfortable for tourists

Visiting the capital, cozy feeltravelers at any time of the year and in terms of climate, in terms of exploring the sights. The main city of Iran has a very good location, distinguishes it from other local communities.

Tehran is surrounded by mountains that protect the winterit from cold winds, and remain relatively cool in summer. On the map you can see many of the city canals, gardens and parks, are calling for a leisurely stroll. If you want a fun noise and din, you can go to one of the bazaars.

Shopping in Tehran

Colorful photos can be made at the market - itthe most famous place of trade in Tehran. Not only pictures remain on the memory, but also chic shopping, from which it is impossible to resist. Here you can buy almost everything you wish a tourist - from elegant ladies jewelry to elegant furniture made by hand by local artisans. A large selection of clothes, shoes in a traditional style and well-known European brands. Gold and silver is better to buy in special boutiques, located in the street Milady Geisha and Nur.

Treasures of the country

Many tourists do not bypass their attention museumsTehran, especially as the world-class artifacts are stored here. The most popular among the institutions of this plan are: Museum of carpets; The National Museum of Iran; Modern Art Museum.

The Carpet Museum can learn about the historyformation and development of handicrafts in Iran, enjoy the chic creations of old masters. And see how born in front of another masterpiece, as the weaving workshop is located on the first floor of the museum.

But the most important treasures of the country are kept inThe National Museum. Pearl exposure - Peacock Throne, it is literally a piece of jewelry, because its decoration was used more than 25 thousand gems.

About the Museum of Modern Art among touristsalso legendary - it contains a collection of paintings, which is considered one of the best in West Asia. Besides the works of local artists in the collections of carefully preserved paintings of world artists, including Monet, Dali, Van Gogh and Picasso.


  • Tehran - Iran's capital
  • Tehran - Iran's capital
  • Tehran - Iran's capital
  • Tehran - Iran's capital

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