Iran Kitchen: photos, recipes and dishes of national cuisine of Iran

Iran Kitchen

Iran Kitchen

Iran's Kitchen is a delicious cuisine with a long culinary history: It is based on beans, rice, meat (in the premium lamb), vegetables, poultry, dairy products.

National Cuisine of Iran

On the table are always present Iranian flourproducts in the form of bread, buns and cakes (for the preparation takes wheat or barley flour). For example, the increased demand is such types of bread as "Hamir" and "nan" (they are baked in clay ovens tenurah). Special mention deserves the figure: here often it is cooked with saffron or curry, as well as vegetables, meat and peanut sauce.

Of the first dishes worth mentioning the "Al-e Gandhi"(Thick soup with the addition of beans, lentils, wheat, peas and spinach). For those interested in meat dishes recommended to try "Zaban" (a dish of veal tongue with herbs), "golve" (a dish of kidneys, roasted with herbs and lime juice), "affairs" (sheep's hearts with cheese, mushrooms and herbs), " gasht jacket "(a dish in the form of meatloaf).

Popular Iranian dishes:

  • "Fesendzhan" (beef stew with pomegranate walnut sauce, eggplant and cardamom);
  • "Mast-o-Hier" (soup based on yogurt, cucumber, raisins and mint);
  • "Abgusht" (dish made with meat, beans and vegetables);
  • "Zereshk-shirt" (plov, which includes rice, poultry, barberry, sugar, saffron);
  • "Juyo kebab" (chicken, roasted on the grill, with tomatoes, saffron and olive oil);
  • "Borane-esfanazh" (a dish of fried spinach, onion, garlic and yogurt).

Where to try Iranian food?

In Iran, little restaurants and street cafes -tourists usually have to search long for food places, worthy of their interest (if you wish you can visit kebabnye different levels). It is worth noting that the best restaurants are in hotels, but they open, usually in the evening, when the tourists are returning to their hotel for dinner. In Tehran, satisfy hunger recommended "Sangladzh" (visitors of this institution is not only pleasing to the Iranian cuisine but also traditional Iranian music, and still here to read the "Shahnama").

Cooking classes in Iran

During a gastronomic trip to Irangourmet travelers offer a glimpse not only in the local restaurants (you will enjoy hearty and delicious Iranian dishes), but also a visit to the local residents (if you show an interest in the local cuisine, you will be offered to participate in the process of preparation of national dishes).

Plan a trip to Iran may be in a period ofof the city bojnord (November), the National Grape Festival (it is made of raisins, raisins, vinegar, juice, spices, jellies, various sweets, grape seed oil).


  • Iran Kitchen
  • Iran Kitchen
  • Iran Kitchen

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