Iranian Culture: tradition, especially

Iranian Culture

Iranian Culture

Written sources are entitled to assume thathistory of Iran has no less than five thousand years. It was on this earth was located was once famous Persia, familiar to all oriental tales. A key role in the region, the state played since the days of the kingdom of the Medes and the Iranian culture has become one of the most unique and significant in the Middle East.
Islamic state, Iran is subject to the requirements of the Muslim religion in all. It was Islam dictates the rules of conduct and standards of architectural subjects for painting and music styles.

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In Iranian culture, architecture has always playedmarkedly important role. Luxury Persian palaces and the whole fairy-tale town preserved in the territory of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Many of them became the objects of the World Heritage List:

  • The first and main architectural monument of Iran -Persepolis. The capital of the ancient Persian Achaemenid dynasty was erected in the V century BC and are particularly luxurious and advanced techniques in construction. The huge palace and a royal tomb, rock reliefs and ruins of religious buildings - all this can be seen on the tour, visiting Iran.
  • The very first capital of a mighty empireAchaemenid was a Persian city Pasargadae. Today it is an archaeological area offers tourists to see the mausoleum of Cyrus the king, up to the fortress Tall-e Takht and visit the ruins of palaces and hanging gardens. It is noteworthy that the tomb of Cyrus served as a prototype for the mausoleum on Red Square in Moscow.
  • Monasteries of St. Thaddeus and St. Stephen -.. Bright representatives of Armenian architecture in Iran. They are based in the period of the ninth and tenth centuries, and is decorated with mountains of old Persia.
  • The stunning beauty of the mausoleum in honor of Sheikh Safial-Din, his son erected in 1334 in memory of his father. 17-meter tower tomb and its dome decorated with colored tiles, and richly decorated interiors gives an insight into Iran's medieval culture.

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Iranian cuisine - is also part of the local culture,to meet which can be in any cafe or restaurant. Experts recommend independent travel there on a visit to an Iranian home to enjoy authentic cuisine whose main menu make flavorful dishes of vegetables, lamb, vegetables and freshly baked bread. Chief Iranian drink - tea. The process of preparing and drinking is becoming a real ritual, the subtleties of which are transmitted from generation to generation.


  • Iranian Culture
  • Iranian Culture

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