Currency in Iran: exchange, import, money. What is the currency in Iran?

The currency in Iran

The currency in Iran

Deal with those which currency in Iran is the official circulation - is not the easiest task. Uninitiated can easily become confused and even get into trouble.

Starting from afar

Money in Iran has one of the longest historiesin the world (in fact, as the Islamic Republic itself). We will not go into the intricacies of it, we note only that the basic monetary unit of the country at different times were dinars rials and fog. For a long time in order to determine which currency in Iran, it was quite difficult, because all of these "bank notes" were simultaneously circulated and are aligned with each other. For example, one time Rial was a bargaining chip with respect to the fog, fog and then all withdrawn from circulation and replaced them with Real, who are the official currency of Iran at the moment.
However, the entire hitch is that in everyday pricesIslamic Republic of Iran is often indicated in the mist - thus refers to 10 riyals. But that's not all: there are some specific to the local situation of the population, when the fog can mean not "gold piece", and 10, or even 100 thousand riyals. So you need to be careful.

sanctions contrary

Do not torment the question in what currency to takeIran. As the country has long been under pressure from hard economic world community, the demand for foreign currency notes by the Persians extremely high. That is why the import of foreign currency in Iran is completely unrestricted (however, it is necessary to declare).
Import of currency in Iran today is muchrather than use a credit card. With the use of the international "plastic" in Iran is now the problem is because of the sanctions. Cards are accepted only as an exception and with great difficulty. Nevertheless, throughout thriving officially forbidden conduct financial transactions using dummy phone numbers and IP-addresses of third countries. The authorities turn a blind eye to this, and one might even say, tacitly encouraged. In fact, pay by credit card is possible even in a small shop. But after such manipulations are best card lock.
Official currency exchange in Iran is rather complicated. Let's start with the fact that most of the banks are working only three days a week and part-time. ATMs in the country is very small. However, the money-changers sitting almost on every corner. It is best to go to the US "green", and take the euro popular British pounds. Despite legal prohibition, foreign currency can pay for virtually anything. We only need to make a deal on the course. And it is necessary to negotiate - or you can cheat.


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