Currency in Iraq: exchange, import, money. What is the currency in Iraq?

Currency in Iraq

Currency in Iraq

Iraqi Dinar - Iraqi official money. A Iraqi Dinar is divided into 1000 fils. Also in the course of the Iraqi dihramy that make up one 0.2 dinars.
The address can be seen as denominations of banknotes from 50 to 25,000 dinars and coins of 25, 50 and 100 Iraqi dinars. Fils almost ceased to occur in use.
The history of the national currency in Iraqvery rich. During the First World War and after it, Iraq was in the Ottoman Empire. Officially, the Empire used piastres, but still the most common coin in commercial transactions while in Iraq was the Indian rupee.
Until 1959, after the capture of Britain,the national currency of the Indian rupee, which in 1931 replaced the Iraqi dinar was declared. In terms of value it was equal to the British pound and the dinar in 1959 was transferred to the US dollar has a different rate - 2.8 US dollars per 1 Iraqi Dinar.
Money in Iraq were the most stable in the world up to the first Gulf War, one dinar was worth 3.3 US dollars.
New banknotes introduced in 2013 haveeffective and advanced protection against counterfeiting: watermarks, embossed letters, special security threads, etc. Due to the large number of financial crimes in the country, just need to know what kind of currency of Iraq.


The course of the Iraqi dinar because of the unstable economic situation in the country, is also unstable, too, applies to the rate dirham. To date, US $ 1 is worth about 1160 Iraqi dinars.
Arriving in Iraq, you can make purchases onforeign currency (euros, US dollars or money neighboring states), but officially - only in specialized shops of the capital, and for this it is necessary to present a passport. So, what currency to take to Iraq, you decide.

Currency exchange in Iraq

Currency exchange in banks that operate inSaturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, from 8 am to 12.30 pm, and on Thursday - only to 11 to make the exchange of foreign currency for the local and back is possible only on the Iraqi market or exchange points. To cash traveler's checks can be, but it is a very complicated procedure and it takes a lot of time.
Use for payment or to withdraw money from a plastic card will not work, as the banking structure in Iraq is only now beginning to recover, and there is simply no ATMs.


Import of currency is not limited to Iraq (but foreign currency necessarily subject to declaration), the import of Iraqi dinar is limited to 25 dinars per person. Strictly forbidden to bring the currency of Israel.


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