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Dublin Suburbs

Dublin Suburbs

Celtic settlement on the site of the modernIrish capital city already existed in the II century AD. Since then, much water has flowed from the River Liffey in the Irish Sea, and today the center and suburbs of Dublin is considered his home about two million people.

glorified city

Rathgar - a suburb of Dublin, where in 1882He was born one of the world's most famous writers, James Joyce. He wrote three great novels, caught up in the list of "100 best books of the newest library", and the author has taken a worthy place among the "100 heroes and idols of the twentieth century." In the novel "Ulysses" Joyce describes in detail the suburbs of Dublin and its historic center.
The memory of the writer in the Irish revered holy and townSendikov, where he once lived, has become a place of pilgrimage for Joyce fans present. Everything here is related to the Round Tower, where a museum of memory of the author, "Ulysses" was created. The room where he worked, historical photo signing a contract for the right to publish the book, the first copy of the novel, the writer's personal belongings, his guitar and a death mask - admirers certainly like the original exposure in the suburbs of Dublin.

Walking around the neighborhood

Travel Dublin suburbs can be extended in any of the neighboring cities and counties:

  • Neiss name means "meeting place of kings." Prior to joining the warlike tribes of the Vikings here took place the meeting of the Irish princes, and the city's main cathedral was built in honor of David Welsh.
  • In Dun Laoghaire attention worthy of medievalmonuments of architecture - the main cathedral and town hall. The local library was built in 1912 and is still very popular with the residents of the town, and the two beacons decorate seaside landscape and serve as a place for photo shoots from visiting tourists.

For smaller brothers

Zoo Dublin suburb was opened at the beginning ofXIX century. Today, in his inhabit enclosures 700 animal species, many of which - the rare and endangered. Vegetation Phoenix Park, where the Zoo is also amazing - more than 350 species of plants adorn the beautiful lawns, pathways and flowerbeds. residence of Irish President is located in the Phoenix Park, but its main attraction is still considered a large population of deer that live here freely.
Lovers meet with the architectural features of medieval Ireland will be happy to walk through the park paths with views of the Ashtown the XV century castle and the ancient Corinthian column.


  • Dublin Suburbs
  • Dublin Suburbs

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