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Education in Ireland

Education in Ireland

In Ireland, thousands of foreigners come every year,to enroll in a language course or get an education, taking advantage of academic programs that offer Irish universities and institutes. Such popularity of Ireland with foreigners due to the following advantages:

  • The high level of education;
  • To go to an Irish university, there is no need to study in preparatory courses (such a requirement is put forward many universities, such as Australia and the UK);
  • Education in schools is carried out in English.

Higher Education in Ireland

To go to an Irish university, you need to graduate from high school (in the certificate should be decent evaluation) and be proficient in English.

You can go to Trinity College in Dublin (forEssentially, it is an English university: it is put on a par with Oxford and Cambridge). Students here study economics, computer technology, science ...

Those who wish to quickly recoup its training costsenroll in business school Michael Smurfit Graduate School of business (here learn even faster earnings). After studying at this school for 3 years, graduates can easily manage to get high-paying jobs in the world's largest companies.

Language courses in Ireland

Irish language schools are among the best in the world: they are equipped with the latest technology and teaching techniques, as well as offer flexibility and a variety of training programs.

In the language course students will learn the written and oral Spoken English (at the end of training, they will be fluent in English speech).

In the basic course, you can choose the standard and intensive training program. On the one-year language course students deeply they learn English and prepare for exams in college.

Language schools offer trained executives: they will be able to learn a good level of English in a business context.

Working while studying

Students have the right to work during their studies up to 20 hours a week, receiving an average of $ 200-300 per week.

To easily find a part time while studying,You can enroll in University of Limerick - it offers international students to participate in the promotion of employment in the program, and all thanks to the fact that the university is cooperating with companies-employers (students and graduates easily manage to find a suitable job).

After studying at the Irish university, you will receive a diploma, which is valued around the world, and thus find a prestigious job outside Ireland, will not be a problem for you.

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  • Education in Ireland
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  • Education in Ireland

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