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Features Ireland

Features Ireland

The island, located in the most north-westernparts of Europe, have not yet perceived by the majority of tourists as a place of rest. Before the country long enough to get, there are no world-class resorts. Still, a certain part of the tourists get to the most secluded corners, hoping to see the endless fields and hills covered with blue-gray haze, and meet with real Irish red haired beauties, certainly knowledgeable magical means of seduction.

Irish Fair

Such events have never been a place cleancommerce and profit, fair, rather, an exhibition of achievements, a place of fun and entertainment. No such meeting was not without the participation of street musicians, theater or circus performers.

In the final part of going to the professionals and lovers of Irish dance to dance-competition to demonstrate their skills and find out who is the best.

Another group of entertainment that love Irish men, refers to sports, there are also specific sports, for example, that a cross between hockey and Gaelic football.

nation Festival

Another event brings together the entire country and allits residents - it is St. Patrick's Day, which is annually celebrated magnificently and joyfully March 17. In recent years, the celebration takes place not only in Ireland, but in many cities around the world, but only here you can feel the atmosphere of the Irish holiday.

That is why there was a sharp mid-Marchincrease in the number of tourists as well as the Irish themselves returning to their historic homeland, for the sake of the holy day. The script is traditional and includes:

  • parade or a solemn procession of all participants, dressed in a green dress decorated with a shamrock;
  • party of Irish music and dance fascinating;
  • endless sea of ​​beer of all kinds.

Dance card of Ireland

Representatives of the Irish nation and always dancingeverywhere, there are many schools and clubs, where from an early age learn to move gracefully, subject to the breath and musical rhythm. Today conducted thousands of Irish dance competitions where members can submit:

  • solo dance;
  • group, where participants dancers arranged in a circle or rank;
  • set, pairs competition.

Originality and uniqueness of the movements allowed by national dances become the hallmark of Ireland and found millions of fans in different parts of the world.


  • Features Ireland
  • Features Ireland
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