Flag of Ireland: photo, history, the value of the state flag colors of Ireland

Flag of Ireland

Flag of Ireland

Flag of Ireland considered national symbolsa country such as Ireland. On his own form of such a flag is a rectangular panel, which consists of several strips having a vertical position. Near the edge of the spear is the green bar, located in the center of the white strip and next to the free edge of the strip is orange.

As for the ratio of the width of theflag to the length indicators, they are one to two. Green coloring is a Catholic symbol, orange colors - Protestant symbols and white coloring means peace between Catholics and Protestants.

If we talk about the first performance of the Irishflag, it happened on the initiative of Thomas Vixen, Irish nationalist and revolutionary. Interestingly, the flag was presented in Paris in the mid-nineteenth century. Meger himself was born in Newfoundland and because traditionally it is believed that this banner made by the Newfoundland tricolor, which appeared about five years before. Another theory regarding the origin of the banner, it is the French flag.

As the tricolor national flag was firstIt used in the sixteenth year of the twentieth century, when the Easter Rising took place. This flag hoisted on top of the Dublin post office, and there was an inscription "Republic of Ireland" on his panel. Interestingly, before the tricolor it was not particularly popular, as much inferior to the banner of Leinster (which was depicted golden harp on a green background color).

When the Civil War came, tricolorIt quoted as the national flag. On the twenty-first year, he was accepted as the main symbol of independent Irish state. In the thirty-seventh Irish government adopted a republican constitution. In particular, there was the seventh article, which describes the state flag as a tricolor. It was a green, white and orange colors. length figures are more than in width by almost half. According to the width of the strips indicators are equal. The green bar is located next to the shaft. The obvious is borrowed from the famous French tricolor flag.

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