The national drink of Ireland. Alcohol in Ireland: the price, the export, the export rate of alcohol

Drinks in Ireland

Drinks in Ireland

In a country of castles, meadows and rock party there isAnother attraction that gourmet means much more than any medieval surroundings. The famous Irish drinks - a significant reason for the tour on the green island, where four-leaf clover for good luck is every first guest.

Alcohol Ireland

Located in the area of ​​the European Union, Irelandguided by the common customs regulations import and export of goods across their borders. Without payment of fees allowed to import no more than a liter of hard liquor or two liters weaker drinks - wine, beer or sparkling. Removal of alcohol in Ireland reasonably possible without restrictions, if Irish stores the price for it do not seem high. In mid-2014 the average exposure of the local bottle of whiskey cost 20 to 25 euros, a pint of beer in a pub from 3 to 5 euros and a bottle of Spanish wine - up to 5 euros.

The national drink of Ireland

We say "Ireland" and mean "Guinness"! It is a dark beer proudly bears the status of "national drink of Ireland" for more than 250 years. Guinness brand first saw the light back in 1759, when Arthur Guinness began its production and made this beer is also the official drink of St. Patrick's Day -. The main holiday of the Irish around the world.
The famous Irish stout is made from barley,yeast, hops and water, and the entire process takes only two days. Typical ginnessovskaya foam formed by nitrogen enrichment of beer and each pint contains less than 200 kcal, making "Guinness" dietary more than skim milk. Modern Guinness Stout produces several types:

  • Dry or Dry Stout - bitter with specialflavor and dense velvety taste, the foundation of which is the roasted barley. The foam has a creamy texture. Dry Stout goes well with oysters.
  • Milk or Cladky Stout - burnt barley in itreplaced by a chocolate malt drink and therefore has a creamy, slightly sweet taste. It is a traditional component of the Christmas pudding and recommended reasonable even for nursing mothers.
  • Oat or Oatmeal Stout - to complete the taste andits "density" is used in the production of oatmeal. Foam in this class extremely thick, and slightly resembles poslevkuvie milk chocolate, melted on the tongue.

Alcoholic Drinks in Ireland

Besides the famous stout country is ready to offerguests and other popular alcoholic drinks in Ireland. Topping the list is a traditional Irish whiskey, followed by imported from abroad decent variety of European beers, wines and liqueurs.


  • Drinks in Ireland
  • Drinks in Ireland

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