North Ireland - towns and resorts in the north of Ireland

North Ireland

North Ireland

North-eastern part of the island of Ireland takesNorthern Ireland. It is the administrative and political territory of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. The largest city is considered to Belfast. North Ireland legally acts as a unit of the UK, along with Wells, Scotland and England. Therefore, the territory in question must be distinguished from the historical province of Ireland - Ulster. As part of the Northern Ireland counties are 6 out of 9 available in Ulster.

For the visit to Ireland and Northern Ireland need to execute different visa, since these parts of the island are the individual states.

a brief description of

North Ireland - it is a small area, whichyou can see in a few hours. However, to get acquainted with the sights of Belfast takes a long time. In the center of Northern Ireland, it is the largest lake in the United Kingdom - Lough Neagh. Here is the largest system of lakes - Lower and Upper Lough Erne. These lakes are separated by plain. In the west, south-east and north-east of the territory lie the mountains. The shores of this part of the island is very indented, and the coastal area looks picturesque. The highest peak is considered to be a mountain-Drain Donard.

Of the attractions of Northern Irelandnoteworthy items such as the "Giants", rope bridge over a chasm, "Bushmills" Whisky production Museum, ancient castles. To the north is characterized by the rapid development of the industry. The main production center serves the city of Belfast. Traditionally this part of the island has always differed a good level of development of agriculture, but in recent years the pace of development of the industry ahead of all other areas.

The population in the north of Ireland, represented bythe original inhabitants of the island - the Irish, and Scottish-Irish and Anglo-Irish. Almost all of them are Protestants and the British on their traditions. The rest of the residents - a Catholic, adhering to the Irish customs.

Climatic conditions

North Ireland - a region with a temperate climate. Here, cool summers and mild winters. During the year, much rain falls, especially in the western lands. The average annual temperature is about 10 degrees. In the hottest month - July, the air warms up to + 14.5 ° C.

Holidays in Northern Ireland

This area is preferred by those who likemeasured and calm vacation. North of the island - a beautiful scenery, ancient villages. Northern Ireland - it is a large and well-known student center of Europe, which is famous for the highest level of training of students in the study of the English language. Active rest means hiking, cycling, golf, water sports and fishing.


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