The population of Ireland. Population in Ireland: features, weight, composition

The population of Ireland

The population of Ireland

Ireland has a population of more than 4.7 million people.

National composition:

  • Irish (Celtic);
  • English;
  • other nationalities (Lithuanians, Germans, Poles, Nigerians, Chinese).

On the 1 sq km is home to 50 people, but the highest density of population is Dublin (here on 1 sq km is home to more than 4,000 people), and the least populated western areas of the country.

Official languages ​​- Irish (Gaelic) and English.

Big cities: Dublin, Cork, Limerick, Waterford, Dundalk.

Most of the inhabitants of Ireland (91%) profess Catholicism, others - Judaism, Presbyterianism, Protestantism.

life expectancy

On average, the female population lives to 80, and men - to 74 years.

These high rates of no small influenceIt has the fact that the Irish government deducts $ 3,700 on health care per year for 1 person. In addition, Ireland residents smoke is 5 times less than those in the Balkans and the former Soviet Union. But, nevertheless, the Irish abuse alcohol, while not drink alcoholic beverages (at a premium they have Irish beer), and among them there are people who suffer from obesity (23%).

Traditions and customs of the inhabitants of Ireland

Irish - sociable people with a strong sense of camaraderie and mutual support.

In Ireland, it preserved an ancient tradition - to attend the fair, which is accepted to dance folk dances, look at the performances of acrobats, musicians and jugglers.

One interesting tradition has to do with the Newyear - on the eve of this holiday all the people leave their doors open to anyone at any time able to come in and be welcome.

Of particular importance in the life of the Irish hasSt. Patrick's Day (17 March): city dwellers clothed in green clothes and go to the parade, accompanied by parties, music, dancing and lots of beer.

We, in Russia, the birthday decided to pull theears, and in Ireland it flip on the floor, pre-birthday turning upside down, so many times as he was years + 1 more time.

As for Irish weddings, it is verybeautiful ceremony: the bride wears a blue dress, and on her head - a crown of symbolic Celtic colors (lavender). Modern couple take part in an ancient ritual - "union hands" (they take each other by the hand through the belt).

Going to Ireland? Make a note of the following information:

  • Irish welcome can be a handshake, a nod or a raised index finger up;
  • smoking in restaurants, bars, cinemas and hotels is prohibited;
  • going to meet with the Irish, we should be punctual;
  • Recommended topics for conversation with the Irish - sports, family, hobbies, politics (should not speak on subjects such as religion and feminism).


  • The population of Ireland

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