Flag of Saint Helena: photos, history, the value of Saint Helena colors of the national flag

Flag of Saint Helena

Flag of Saint Helena

Overseas territory of Saint Helena Island wasIt conquered by the British in 1659. Since then, the island is an overseas possession of the United Kingdom and its flag is a traditional cloth, taken in the colonies and overseas possessions of Her Majesty.

Description and proportions of the flag of Saint Helena

Flag of Saint Helena has a classicrectangular in shape, as well as the flags of many states on the political map of the world. Its length and width correspond at a ratio to each other of 2: 1. Flag of Saint Helena allowed to use individuals and citizens of the country on a par with its government organizations. On the water, use the flag of Saint Helena is only allowed state courts.
Rectangular panel Islands flag Saint Helena has a dark blue color. In its upper quarter near the staff entered the British flag. This is the traditional view of the UK-controlled flag.
The right side of the flag of Saint Helena containsCoat of Arms image overseas territory. It has the form of a shield divided horizontally into two unequal parts. In the upper field of the emblem on the flag of Saint Helena on a gold background shows plover. This bird is a unique representative of the island and are found nowhere else in the world. Below the coat of arms can be seen sailboat that fits over the sea to the rocky shore. His stern waving a white flag with a red cross. Image of a sailboat on the flag of Saint Helena previously belonged to the colonial press.

History of Saint Helena flag

The first flag of Saint Helena wassimilar to the modern panel, unlike which consisted only in a slightly different coat of arms. It was a heraldic shield, on which was depicted a sailboat sailing on the blue sea. At its stern hoisted the white flag with a red cross of St. George. To the left on the arms located peaks, coat of arms was delineated gold piping. This flag is adopted in 1874, and he has successfully existed as a state for over a century. In October 1984, it adopted a new coat of arms and the appearance of the flag of Saint Helena was also changed.

Photos flag of Saint Helena

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