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Israel Sea

Israel Sea

In a small country in the Middle EastWe focused primarily religious shrines for many believers and many sights to see that will not give any traveler. Here, every inch of land breathes history and shrouded in legend, including those that are folded about the Israeli sea.
The answer to the question of what the sea washes over Israel onlyAt first glance, it seems obvious. In fact, not only in the Mediterranean Sea you can swim, being in the Promised Land. Yet Israel has access to the Red Sea and the Dead Sea it is essentially only the lake, but in fact - in the list of the seas.

Unique pond

Dead Sea - one of the most unusual water reservoirson the planet. Its amazing healing properties have long seen the man, and it is not only about the water-drainage and the most salty lake in the world. Even the air above it has healing properties due to the evaporation of salt and low location of the reservoir with respect to global sea level. For travelers seem interesting are some facts:

  • Dead Sea stretches for 67 kilometers between Israel and Jordan.
  • The huge concentration of bromides makes the water and the mud of the sea excellent therapeutic agents for many skin diseases.
  • The Dead Sea is located on the mark - 427 meters.
  • Dead Sea water contains about eight times more salt than the water of the Red, which is considered the most salt on the planet.
  • The water level in the Dead Sea every year falls of almost a meter, the reason for that, and climate change, and shallowing of rivers flowing into it due to uncontrolled human activities.

The main reservoir

Geographical question what Sea in Israel,It has a catch, which is that the Sea of ​​Galilee is quite calmly called the Sea of ​​Galilee. Freshwater Lake is located in the north-east of the country and different from other such in the world relative to its level of the world ocean. Lake Kinneret, as they call it modern Israel, is located on the mark - 213 meters. The Sea of ​​Galilee is described in detail in the gospel as the main place of the Savior's earthly ministry.
In addition to pilgrimage tourism on the shores of LakeKineret thriving beach holiday. It built the hotel in which the fans are stopped springs beating Sea of ​​Galilee.

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