Israel Coat of Arms: photo, value, description,

Israel Coat of Arms

Israel Coat of Arms

When choosing the main elements of the mainthe official symbol of the country of Israel relied on centuries-old traditions of Christianity. Therefore, it is quite understandable without long explanations of why Israel coat of arms has a menorah image, so-called a menorah, known throughout the world.

Description of the coat of arms

The main symbol of the country has a low-key paletteused only two colors - blue and white. The latter can be replaced by gold, as, for example, it can be seen on passports to residents of Israel. But on the presidential flag is always present only white. The basis - the heraldic shield of the French type, ie it - rectangular, but has a pointed base.

Central place on the arms Israel holdsthe image of the real menorah that was in the temple of Jerusalem. On both sides it is framed by the branches of the olive tree, which symbolizes in many countries of southern Europe and western Asia, the world, the pursuit of peace, non-aggressive.

Winners are not judged!

Emblem of Israel was adopted not long ago. Was it important for the country and its people event in February 1949. Previously it announced a competition to create the main character of the new country. The basis of modern arms - the project Shamir brothers, Maxim and Gabriel, who came from Latvia.

Image was supplemented by details taken fromOther projects submitted to the competition. Therefore, the emblem of modern Israel - is the product, rather, collective intelligence, combined the dream of new citizens of the new state.

Holy light

The word "Menorah" literally meanslamp. The menorah, depicted on the emblem, had a real prototype, made of gold candlestick for seven candles. According to the biblical story, he was kept in the tabernacle of the congregation, until the Jews wandered in the wilderness in search of the promised land.

Later this sacred menorah was kept in the SecondJerusalem Temple, an important attribute of the Jewish religion. After it was fixed the title of one of the oldest symbols of Judaism and, in general, the Jewish faith. Tantamount may make only a star of David, there is no more important national and religious symbols today.

To light the menorah good olive oilOnly virgin, because it is considered perfectly cleaned. Besides the fact that the menorah is depicted on the emblem of Israel, it is a very popular souvenir, which tourists take away home (coins, stamps, postcards).


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