Tours in Eilat (Israel). Vacation in Eilat: photo, trips

Tours in Eilat

Tours in Eilat

In a small and compact Israel does not focusOnly a great variety of historical and religious sites. It takes only 143 in the world by area, the state has managed to stay on three seas, one of which - red. And let these parts coastline stretches only a few kilometers to Eilat tours are quite popular among travelers from around the world.

History and geography

Stretched on the banks of the Gulf of Aden, Eilatnot always been Israel's largest resort. The history of the city is from the time of King Solomon, as mentioned by another Old Testament. In the days of ancient Rome in the vicinity of modern Eilat housed a military garrison, and then to the middle of the twentieth century, this area was under the control of the Arabs.
Today resort has excellent recommendationsEurope and other parts of the world. Infrastructure, hotel pool, pleasant climate and beautiful sea make tours to Eilat among the most popular ways to spend an unforgettable vacation.

Briefly about the importance

  • Flight from Moscow to Eilat takes about 4.5 hours. International Airport as the growth of the city gradually turned out to be at the very center, but because planes land in the vicinity of the hotel and the beach. Sight - not for the faint of heart, but it captures, so tours to Eilat often choose spotters, photographing planes take off and land.
  • During the tour to Eilat diving. The fauna of the Red Sea - one of the richest in the world's oceans, and scuba diving because here - especially spectacular and exciting experience. Wind and waves in the bay area allow windsurfing and out to sea on a sailing yacht.
  • The climate is very Israeli resorthot, and the temperature can reach values ​​of July 45. Although the heat due to the dry climate of the region is transferred easily enough, the most favorable time for tours to Eilat - spring and autumn of the second half. A characteristic feature of the sea in the bay - its constant temperature. Even in the strongest heat water not warmer than 26, which allows fans to recreate a beach holiday.
  • For those who love jewelry from semi-preciousstones things to do in Eilat - a good opportunity to buy products from the famous Eilat stone. So called chrysocolla interspersed with lapis lazuli and malachite. The city opened a factory for the processing of stone and production of jewelry.


  • Tours in Eilat
  • Tours in Eilat

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