Taxis in Haifa - price, order. How much is a taxi in Haifa

Taxis in Haifa

Taxis in Haifa

Despite the fact that in some Shabbatholidays transport motion stops, a taxi in Haifa never ceases to work and willing to take you wherever you wish, at any time of the day or night.

Taxi services in Haifa

Feature taxi in Haifa is that theypresents the white trucks with roof inscription "Taxi", in the cabin - the counter, the price list with the prices and signs with phone numbers, which if necessary can be contacted with the dispatching service.

Stop the taxi, "voted" on the sidelines. You can also ask for you to make an order, contact the administrator of the hotel or restaurant or find a free car at shopping centers, bus stops, close to popular attractions.

Submit a request for the supply of the machine can be turned in the following taxi companies:

  • "Moniyot Haifa Romema": 04 8244 644, 04 9999 999;
  • "Taxi Emun" (in the company are Russian and English speaking drivers who, if necessary, can also act as a guide): + 972 50 444 55 88.

The cost of a taxi in Haifa

"How much is a taxi in Haifa?"- An urgent question that arises for many tourists vacationing in the Israeli city. To get the answer to your question, you should review the following information about rates:

  • the landing, including overcoming pervyh500 m, passengers are asked to pay 12 shekels;
  • further trip will be paid for at the price 3shekelya / 1km, and after overcoming 15 km 1 km of track will be charged at the price 5-6shekeley;
  • charge: baggage - 3.8 shekels, order by phone - five shekels, transport third passenger - 4.7 shekels;
  • planning to move on Haifa at night and on public holidays should know that the tolls they pay 25% more in comparison with daily rates.

On average, a trip through the city costs about 30-50 shekels, from Haifa to Tel Aviv - 408 shekels, and from Ben Gurion Airport to Haifa - in a 570-600 shekels.

If the driver refuses to take you on the counter,threatened him with the police or contact the dispatching service to complain about it. In principle it is possible to agree to go at a bargain price, but before you go, if you do not want to be deceived, it is advisable to find out from local people, but in fact may be worth the trip to the place where you need to get there. Tip: do not pay for travel currency - the fare will be higher, and the driver will surrender at disadvantageous exchange rate for the passenger.

No matter what address you needcome or that you need to visit (many mosques, churches, holy places, or the Bahai Gardens) -on help you come local taxi, which you can quickly and easily navigate not only the city, but also its surroundings.

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  • Taxis in Haifa
  • Taxis in Haifa
  • Taxis in Haifa

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