Viewpoints Jerusalem. List of the best lookouts in Jerusalem

Jerusalem Viewpoints

Jerusalem Viewpoints

Travelers who have risen to the observation deck of Jerusalem, with another angle to look at the local beauty of the Garden of Gethsemane, the domes and spiers of the temples, the Wailing Wall and other sites.

Olives (Olives) mountain

It has three peaks:

  • average peak of the height of 814 m above sea level (with famous Lutheran Hospital Centre);
  • the southern peak of the 816-meter height (here is Ascension Monastery);
  • North Peak (height - 826 meters), which has the name of Mount Scopus, where will be able to see all of Jerusalem and most of the Judean Desert (here open campus of the Hebrew University).

It is worth noting that the Mount of Olives allowsleisure stand on better observation platform, while taking in the Old City, the northern part of Jerusalem, Kidron Valley and Mount Zion (the rise of the mountain with its foot takes about 20 minutes to the top).

How to get there? From the Old City here will be able to enter through the Lion's Gate, to which tourists dovezut buses (company "Egged") number 38, 1, 99, 2.

Bell tower of the Church of Christ the Redeemer

Climb the stairs with 170 steps, visitorswill be on site with panoramic views of Jerusalem with the beauty of its neighborhoods and attractions (tickets cost about 15 shekels). In addition, travelers are advised to visit the courtyard (surrounded by galleries), but because the church has a body, you should not miss the opportunity to attend the periodically organizes concerts.

Address: Muristan Road (to the tourist service - bus number 43, 8, 28).

Solomon's Palace

Since its observation deck visitors can admire the western part of Jerusalem, at the same time making scenic pictures. Address: King George Street, 58.

Lookout Menachem

Getting to this area, the guests open views of the beauty of the western part of Jerusalem city. In addition, here you can see the Judean Hills. Address: 36 Henrietta Szold Street.

Tower YMCA

With the 45-meter-high observation tower (Art Deco)views of modern Jerusalem and the Old City. Important: The Rise of the tower is carried out daily, except Saturday (Sunday-Thursday - 09: 00-17: 00, Friday - until noon).

Address: 26 King David Street (you can take the bus number 38, 8, 30, 7).

Restaurant "Montefiore"

In an institution where guests can admire the beauty of Jerusalem, they were treated to Italian cuisine and traditional Jewish dishes. Address: quarter of Yemin Moshe.

A walk along the walls of the Old City

Stopping the choice on this tour, tourists onanother will see the Old Town and the area surrounding it. So, their route will take place from the Jaffa Gate to the Lions (cost - NIS 16 / adult, NIS 8 / children).


  • Jerusalem Viewpoints
  • Jerusalem Viewpoints
  • Jerusalem Viewpoints

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