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Tours in Jerusalem

Tours in Jerusalem

This town is between the Dead Sea and the MediterraneanIt is one of the oldest on the planet. Its first inhabitants were here for six thousand years ago, and since then, Jerusalem - a place, which they say and argue that admire and who seek to defend to the last drop of blood. During the tour in Jerusalem can easily feel the beating of his heart, and understand why it is so dear to the people the most different races and religions.

Briefly about the importance

  • The nearest airport is located in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Ben-Gurion called. From him get to the ancient city by bus or train. Journey time is about one and a half hours.
  • City tour in the tour in Jerusalem is best to take a bus 99-th route.
  • When planning a trip, it is worth considering that from Friday evening until Saturday evening in the Jewish part of Jerusalem public transportation, shops, museums, cafes and restaurants do not work at all because of the Sabbath.
  • The best time to travel to Jerusalem - the spring andthe middle of autumn, when the air temperature does not exceed 27. In summer, there may seem to be too hot even for those who love the heat, and in winter in the city drops a lot of rain.
  • Access to the holy places can not be limitedOnly the administration of the temples, but also too many who want to touch the relics. The best option to see everything - come as soon as possible to catch up to the organized excursions. So the temple of the Holy Sepulchre or the tomb of the Virgin Mary can be as early as 5 am and without interference to virtually explore all the splendid isolation.
  • Jerusalem - the city where you want to closely monitor their belongings. Narrow streets and crowds of people with very different intentions creates opportunities for pickpockets and scams.
  • In many places of the Old Town, you can climb to the roof and walk on them. It offers scenic views, and on the roofs themselves boils full life.

Through the pages of novels by Dina Rubina

Going on tour in Jerusalem, is readScience writer Dina Rubina, who has long lived in this city. In her books better than any guidebook, and told about the sights, and the mentality of local people, and about the authentic restaurants.
Books Dina lead the reader and the Mount of Olives,where at the turn of one of the dusty streets is white ass in anticipation of the Savior, and a small restaurant, where you can sing beautifully in the old dynamics of Georgian men's choir. Jerusalem Rubin - this is an old, but eternally living city, which gives strength and inspiration to everyone who knows and loves.

Jerusalem (Israel)


  • Tours in Jerusalem
  • Tours in Jerusalem

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