Bus tours to Israel. The cost of bus tours to Israel in 2016

Bus tours to Israel

Bus tours to Israel

For many of Israel - it is, above all, the HolyEarth. And the most amazing thing is that here and Muslims, Christians and Jews find relics related to their faith. Therefore tours to Israel are often the pilgrim character, but stay in the country may be the most diverse.

  • Firstly, just interesting to see another country, with its landscapes, cities and resorts; mingle with the locals and learn about their customs.
  • Second, breathe healthy air and enjoy the desert sands.
  • Third, join a beach holiday because of Israel coast is washed by three seas.

All these factors, as well as relatively smallcost was the fact that the bus tours to Israel are incredibly popular. This country is still one of the travelers did not disappoint. On the other hand, I was able to give a feeling of sublimity and unrestrained happiness.

Here you will not get a solid desert. Hardworking Israelis have turned many areas into blossoming oases. And they are truly beautiful. But more valuable in terms of rehabilitation is swimming in the Dead Sea, whose water is saturated with salts and minerals. Yes, and the process of bathing in the water is very dense so funny. It is well kept lying person, and that many enjoy sunbathing directly on the sea surface.

What to see in Israel

Of course, it is possible to arrive in the country and on the plane,then settle in one of the seaside hotels, but bus tours to Israel more interesting by the fact that you can drive around several places of memory in a single journey. Travel agencies offer visit:

  • Jerusalem;
  • Tel Aviv;
  • Nazareth.

Moving between these cities the bus, youYou will be able to survey the neighborhood on the way, and it will be something to remember! In addition, you can meet many of our former compatriots, so the language barrier will not prevent you to communicate freely with the people in Israel.

Of course, to the peculiarities of the local cuisine haveget used to, because the Jews are the majority population of the country, does not serve dairy dishes with meat, and try to spread them on the different methods of cooking. Therefore, you will have breakfast porridge curds or milk, but ham sandwiches do not wait. A dinner, which includes meat products, can not be drink milkshakes. But it's quite bearable!

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