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Properties Israel

Properties Israel

This popular tourist country in the famousprimarily for its healing spas, excellent conditions for diving, high level of medicine as well as ancient attractions. That is why there are a lot of tourists all year round, and they are all trying to figure out the national characteristics of Israel.

Character, habits and customs

Firstly, there is the stomach on the Jewish calendar,that is, all the months of the year depend solely on the lunar cycles. The new week starts on Sunday, and on weekends the Jews are not engaged in any activity, until the ban on telephone calls. Nor does the public transport. Religion forbids local drink alcohol and eat most kinds of meat, such as pork and seafood.

What not to do tour in Israel:

  • women should not sunbathe topless;
  • not refuse to present documents or contents of the bag;
  • better not to take pictures of police, military facilities and airports.


Kitchen in Israel is quite varied - a brightand a delicious mix of various cuisines of the world, which was formed due to the country's multi-ethnic population. Tourists often puzzling word "kosher food", but in fact to understand this concept is very simple. This means that you can not eat meat and milk together, pork is strictly forbidden at all, and there are various options for the preparation of fish.

Israel Of the meat dishes are usually prepared roastchicken, meat rolls and pies. From vegetable dishes here prefer semolina with vegetables, salads, fried zucchini and cold beet soup. Traditional dishes are hummus and falafel. Hummus - a spicy puree of chickpeas, which is eaten as a separate dish, or use as a sauce. Falafel - it is fresh bread with various fillings, usually vegetables, salads and hummus. The most popular street food is the shawarma - minced meat in a tortilla.

From sweets in Israel a lot of dried fruits andanother favorite delicacies of local residents are Turkish Delight, halva and baklava. From soft drinks can be noted coffee, here it is usually drunk with milk or black, but very sweet. There are also many varieties of tea and fruit juices. Tourists will find a great beer and wine.


  • Properties Israel
  • Properties Israel
  • Properties Israel

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