How to fly from Tel Aviv to Moscow? Flight time from Tel Aviv - Moscow

How to fly from Tel Aviv to Moscow?

How to fly from Tel Aviv to Moscow?

In Tel Aviv you relax on the beach, trynational cuisine, visited the museum, "From the diamond to diamond", diving and windsurfing, to actively spend time in the gym "Performance Rock" and "Ramat Gan" Safari Park? Now you are interested to find out how long it takes your the return to their homeland?

How to fly from Tel Aviv to Moscow on a direct flight?

Fly to Moscow from Tel Aviv (city removedeach other a little more than 2,600 km), you can manage for 3.5-4 hours. For example, "El Al Israel Airlines" your flight takes 4 hours and with "Aeroflot" - 3 hours 50 minutes.

If you are interested in the cost of airline tickets, the average of a direct flight, it will amount to 14,100 rubles, and a connecting flight - 12000 rubles.

Flight Tel Aviv - Moscow with change

To get to Moscow, travelers canselect connecting flights and make a connection in Zurich, Vienna, St. Petersburg, Frankfurt, Paris and other cities. If you are offered to fly to Moscow with change in Warsaw ( "LOT Polish Airlines"), then you will land at home in 8 hours, in Istanbul ( "Turkish Airlines") - in 7 hours and 10 minutes, in Athens ( "Aegean Air") - almost 12 hours.

Select airline

Interest in your direction flying planes(Boeing 767-300, Airbus A 320, A 319, A 321, A 330 and other airliners) of the following airlines: "Aeroflot"; "El Al Israel Airlines"; "Iberia"; "Belavia" and others. It should be noted that in this direction is carried out daily 3-4 regular flight.

Service Tel Aviv flights - Moscow dealsBen Gurion International Airport (TLV). You can get here by taxi or bus number 475 (from terminal to terminal shuttle special shuttles), and get lost at the airport will not let you pointers and schemes of movement. If the airport you have a need to get an answer to your question, you can contact the employee any information desk.

Furthermore, the airport can travelersstroll through the shopping center "Buy & Bye", use Wi-Fi, refreshments at one of the cafes or restaurants, to exchange or withdraw money from bank counters in bank branches.

What to do in an airplane?

Time to fly by plane, if one takesthemselves reading books or magazines, as well as thoughts on the one of your friends and relatives to please gifts from Tel Aviv as Israel's makeup (foundation make gifts of the Dead Sea), honey (eucalyptus, rose, citrus, palm), spices, halva , designer clothes.


  • How to fly from Tel Aviv to Moscow?
  • How to fly from Tel Aviv to Moscow?
  • How to fly from Tel Aviv to Moscow?

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