The streets of Tel Aviv - a photo, name. List of famous streets in Tel Aviv

The streets of Tel Aviv

The streets of Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv - controversial and colorful city,certainly it has a something attractive. Each person opens it for yourself from all sides. Someone sees it as a first-class place for parties. Others see it as a place for family holidays. People who successfully navigate through the ranks, considering it from a business perspective. However, only a few pay attention to the quiet, beautiful and unusual streets of Tel Aviv, which boasts its own unique flavor.

The main street of the city

Every city has a main street and Tel Aviv - notan exception. In this case, Dizengoff - the longest street in the city. It began its construction in the distant 1934. It boasts a huge amount of libraries, shops, cafes, cinemas, street musicians, and even trees. If you walk along it from the center, you can walk to the sea. A person who wants to find their way in the city is enough to go to the main street, which in turn will lead him anywhere in the city.

  • One of the main attractions of the mostlong streets of the city are houses built in different eras. They have their own unique style, which can be admired only in Tel Aviv. For centuries, their inhabitants were well-known and respected personality.
  • Street originates from Dizengoff Square,which is located in the city center. There is also a unique singing fountain, which has a very unusual name - "Water and a flame." The area was named after the wife of the first mayor.
  • Almost everywhere you can look atkiosks, which make fresh juices. Prepare such drinks in front of. Thus it can be squeezed from any vegetable or fruit, for example, it can be beet or celery. Pretty unusual options!
  • Dizengoff Street is another name - "Wedding Street". There are a lot of shops and establishments dealing with wedding dress and everything connected with this light triumph.

Attractions Tel Aviv

Rothschild Boulevard - one of the main touristTel Aviv seats. On this street is Independence Hall - it was in 1948 signed the Declaration of Independence of Israel. The street is full of historic buildings included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Allenby Street - one of the central streets of the city. It is a variety of shops, clubs and cultural institutions.

It will be interesting to visit the area of ​​the Magen David - it is made in the shape of a Star of David, which beams are formed intersecting streets.

Do not rush into a museum or theater! Walk through the streets of the city, the only way to experience the atmosphere of Tel Aviv. After a short walk for a coffee at an outdoor restaurant, select a comfortable place and enjoy the color that surrounds you in this unusual place.

Photos streets of Tel Aviv

  • The streets of Tel Aviv
  • The streets of Tel Aviv
  • The streets of Tel Aviv

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