Taxi in Tel Aviv - price, order. How much is a taxi in Tel Aviv

Taxi in Tel Aviv

Taxi in Tel Aviv

Taxi in Tel Aviv has a clear advantage to public transport - it works on the Sabbath, and any public holidays.

Taxi services in Tel Aviv

All of Tel Aviv taxi - cars whitecolors equipped with meters in them. In addition, on the doors of cars reflects the branding, and there is a sign "Taxi" on the roof (in the cabin you will find a price list with the tariffs).

Hire the services of a taxi in Tel Aviv can bein different ways - to stop the car, standing at the roadside; contact the administrator of the hotel or restaurant that he carried for you to call a taxi; find a car near the railway stations, shopping centers, popular tourist destinations.

Since Tel Aviv - the city, rathercongested traffic, it is best to carry out taxi by phone number of one of the taxi companies, "Gordon": 03-5272-999; "Azrieli": 03-6081-333; "Shekem": 03-5270-404.

Magnetic monorail taxi in Tel Aviv

So unusual mode of transport in the near futureIt will benefit not only residents, but also visitors to Tel Aviv. The fare on the monorail taxi will be greater than in public transport, but less than ordinary taxis.

It is worth mentioning that cause a double cabin, moving at the solenoids on the "rails" at a height of 6 m, it is possible to a certain station directly from your smartphone.

The cost of a taxi in Tel Aviv

Find out how much is a taxi in Tel Aviv, you can by reading rates described below:

  • landing the first 600 m + path cost to passengers about 12 shekels, and the subsequent 90 m - 0.3 shekels;
  • as soon as the counter will show 15 km, the fare will be calculated based on the price of NIS 0.3 / 75 m;
  • at night and on holidays and weekends should be prepared for an increase in prices for travel by 25%;
  • charges: for the third passenger should pay 4.8 shekels for a phone call - 5 shekels for the transportation of bulky luggage - 10shekeley.

It is worth noting that when traveling to / from airport"Ben-Gurion" to the cost of travel will be added 5 shekels. If you intend to travel outside of Tel Aviv, fare you pay the special price list which the driver has to give you for review upon request.

, Should be taken to not be cheated onweapons: if the driver will tell you that the taximeter is faulty, and will call you obviously overestimated the cost of travel, it makes sense to contact the dispatching service, through which you called this taxi to complain. Important: it is advisable not to travel to pay in US dollars or euros and shekels - otherwise the driver is, for sure, will count the cost of travel for disadvantageous exchange rate for the passenger.

Taxi - a convenient and easy way to get around Tel Aviv and its surroundings.

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