Taxi in Israel - price, order. How much is a taxi in Israel

Taxis in Israel

Taxis in Israel

The popularity of spas in Israel lastyears has increased dramatically. Despite the difficult relations with the Arabs and the hot climate of this country offers many recreation areas, including religious, event tourism, beach pastime and treatment. During tourist vacation often enough to use taxis in Israel, so you should be aware of some of its specific features associated with religion and mentality of local people.

Specificity taxi

There are three main types of vehicles, which belong to the taxi:

  • familiar to all taxis, ready to carry on the city and surrounding areas;
  • "Sherut" - taxis cost less but carry on a certain route;
  • tourist taxi with the driver acting as a guide.

Depending on the purpose of travel and direction, you can choose one or the other way to get around the city.

Order a taxi in Israel, please call +972 526-480-407 (if you call from the Russian Federation), 052-6480407 (when calling from Israel).

Features traveling by taxi in Israel

This type of transport is becoming a realsalvation for themselves Israelis and visitors on certain days of the week, as from Friday evening throughout the time comes the Sabbath, when the shops do not work and no walks transport. And only the taxi drivers constantly are on duty, first, to move around the city is still necessary, and secondly, it's a great way to earn, the more that other public means of transport are not available. It is clear that the cost of travel in those days increased by a quarter. The same is true for Israel festive days.


In this case the tourist should be ready to shell out ILS 5 (NIS) for landing in a taxi, and then about 3 ILS for every additional kilometer trip. The final amount of the trip should be highlighted on the counter.

There should be extremely careful withpushy taxi drivers, require a check and make payment according to the amount prescribed in it. Do not believe the words that count suddenly broke. The average fare to the center of the tourist in the center of the capital can cost 30-40 ILS, to go to the suburbs for a taxi, have to prepare already 50-60 ILS.

Israeli tariffs

In this country, it saved the world practice the division of tariffs for day and night. Duration daily rate - from 5.30 to 21.00, much more than in many other European countries.

Other features:

  • the cost of the overnight journey by taxi in Tel Aviv and other cities, up 25%;
  • Israeli order a taxi by phone is not a problem, the cost of the service - 5 ILS;
  • hand luggage is not paid, and for baggage taxi drivers can take up to 4 ILS;
  • third passenger also increases the cost of the trip for 5 ILS;
  • there is a surcharge in the amount of from 2 to 5 ILS for travel from the port of Haifa and Ben Gurion Airport.

A taxi ride in Israel is connected with a lot of nuances that should know before coming to the country.

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