The coat of arms of Florence: a photo, a value. Description of the coat of arms of Florence

Florence Coat of Arms

Florence Coat of Arms

Italy - this is one of the most attractivetourist destinations because of its cultural wealth and historical monuments seem to be endless. Each traveler chooses the Italian city, but once he saw the coat of arms of Florence, its beauty, they realize that here is a place where you need to be sure to visit.

True beauty

The main city's official symbol is a vivid reminder of the historical past, rich culture, masterpieces of painting, sculpture and architecture.

Florence Coat of Arms can be evaluated and artpoint of view, the main opinion of the critics of art - it is perfect. This also applies to the selection of colors, and the selected characters and their arrangement.

Firstly, there is a wonderful harmonycolors - silver, selected for the panel, and scarlet, for the basic composition. But scarlet tones and shades is why the image appears three-dimensional, alive.

Second, the two graceful lilies depicted on the emblem,that look like a king, their stems, leaves and petals gracefully curved. These flowers are a symbol of the monarchy, located on the background of the corona, its lateral ends are folded down. As explained by experts in the field of heraldry, it is a kind of symbol of worship of the true beauty.

In the depths of history

Royal lily - a symbol, first of all,Frankish court, representatives of the French royal dynasties. Image color is present in various heraldic symbols and coats of arms of the representatives of the French nobility.

Historians have hinted that thanks to the FrenchKing Louis XI lily flower adorned the first coat of arms of the Medici family, some members of which have repeatedly acted as rulers of Florence. Because it is not surprising that the lily "rose" and the official symbol of the city.

lilies Symbols

The main difference between the Florentine lilies depictedon the arms of the Tuscan capital, from their French "colleagues" in the fact that they have a different form, the representatives of the royal flora represented at the peak of its prosperity (not buds). Next to them, always write the city motto - "Like a lily in bloom, and Florence is thriving."

Lily revered since ancient times, poetscomposed hymns and poems, the artists imprinted in their masterpieces. On the basis of this flower appeared hundreds of decorative ornaments. The plant symbolizes life and death, a snow-white lily in many nations is associated with purity and innocence, red - with wealth and fertility.


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