Florence 2 days: where to go in Florence

Florence 2 days

Florence 2 days

Italian Florence - a city with whichYou can meet friends forever. His contribution to the development of human civilization as great as it is great Florentine squares and streets, churches and bridges. On the banks of the River Arno always bubbling stream of colorful speech and in cafes and restaurants you can meet travelers from the most remote corners of the planet. Being able to see Florence for 2 days - a great option to spend that time surrounded by the true values ​​from the list of the historical heritage of humanity.

From the Duomo to the Uffizi

The main attraction of FlorenceIt can not be determined for a simple reason: in every building has its glorious history and continuing importance. And yet Duomo - Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore - apart from the competition even on the list. Built in the XIII - XV centuries, it dominates the city and its dome designed by Brunelleschi, is already several hundred years the hallmark of divine Florence.
Another church worthy of the traveler's visit,Florence is running a program for 2 days - Basilica of Santa Croce. It is the world's largest Franciscan church, decorated with frescoes by Giotto, was built in the same time as the Duomo, and its founder is not without reason believe Francis of Assisi. The church is particularly beautiful stained glass windows, through which the penetrating light significantly expands the space and without grand and spacious temple.
Full of medieval architecture,Travelers directs their attention to the Uffizi Gallery, which has been on the world's lists as one of the most important in the world of paintings collections. The history of the Uffizi collection begins from the house of the Medici, whose members, in addition to a passion for poisoning and other intrigues of experienced and extraordinary love for the works of art. Thanks to an influential family, contemporaries can enjoy in Florence for 2 days and "spring" Botticelli and Giotto masterpieces.

Crossing Europe

To this end, the city this rate - not the best, but to see in Florence for 2 days maximum, will have to adhere to it. Obligatory attendance are recommended:

  • Ponte Vecchio, with a variety of jewelry stores.
  • Senor Area with the majestic Palazzo Vecchio.
  • Bargello - public building erected in the XII century and is now serving as a place for the sculpture museum.
  • Art Gallery in the Pitti Palace, the main of which are considered masterpieces of the richest collections of Raphael and Rubens works.


  • Florence 2 days
  • Florence 2 days

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