Florence for kids - something to see. Where to go with the child in Florence

Florence for kids

Florence for kids

Where to go for a vacation with your family, what would eachfound the entertainment of interest? The child wants to not only swimming and sunbathing, you want to play, to learn something new. In this regard, an ideal city for kids - Florence.

Major museums of Florence

If you have a question, what to see with children, to get started, visit several museums. We recommend to visit the following museums:
Carousel at the Piazza della Repubblica - this place is a great experience to your daze. Especially beautiful here in the evening at this time of the day pleasant music, illuminated carousel.
Museum of Geology and Paleontology - visiting thisthe museum will interest older children. Here you can explore the skeletons of ancient animals, samples of various plants and geological rocks, prints Mesozoic reptiles.
Vecchio Museum - Children's Museum, located in theancient mansion, which belonged to the Medici dynasty. Here you will find a tour of the secret rooms and corridors of the palace, a theatrical performance, the opportunity to plunge into the atmosphere of the 16th century, examples of dresses, masks and capes.
Pinocchio Park - great ofleisure activities with a child. Fairy houses, Pinocchio sculpture carousel for kids, a visit to the workshop, where are the dolls and characters from fairy tales, the ability to take photos in costumes of famous heroes of fairy tales. The park has a museum of butterflies that will amaze with its diversity of winged beauties.
Shtibbert Museum - Museum of History. A visit to this museum will interest older children. Here is the collection of antique furniture, clothing, jewelry, a collection of military costumes and weapons belonging to different countries and eras.
Museum Galileo Museum - a museum of the history of science. It contains maps, astrolabes, compasses and many other unusual things that will acquaint with the history of technology and science.

Entertainment programs

Tired of visiting the museums, you candiversify the leisure entertainment. Where to go with children for leisure activities? Dads and sons will be interesting to visit the factory «Piaggio». Here is a collection of motorcycles and mopeds, from the beginning of the base of the plant and to the present day.
Chocolate Factory. Looking at the factory, you will become a half-day taster, you will take a tour of the laboratories will be able to study the process of making chocolate. Children from the age of 14 hold master classes.
Get an unforgettable experience will allow the balloon flight. Landscapes of great beauty and mansions proplyvut under your feet.
Boat trip on the yacht will allow for relaxationwith family and friends. You can choose any yacht based on the number of guests. travel program you can design your own or ask an expert.


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