Milan Metro: diagram, description, photos. Milan Metro Map

Milan Metro: map, photos, description

Driving the Milan SubwayDriving the Milan Subway
Milan Subway (Metropolitana di Milano) isthe most extensive subway network in Italy. Metro system consists of 4 lines with a total length of 92 kilometers and 101 stations, located mainly underground. Passenger Milan subway more than a million people a day.
The first line (red) subway was opened in Milanin 1964, the green line for 5 years later - in 1969, the yellow line - in 1990, the purple line - in 2013. In 2015, the planned extension of Line 5 and Line Building 4. Both branches will be served by a fully automated trains.
The first projects of subway construction in Milanoccurred in the period from 1914 to 1925, and follow the example of the underground transport networks in other European countries, such as London and Paris. From plans to create the first line started in 1938, but the implementation of the project prevented the Second World War.
July 3, 1952 the city administrationI voted in favor of the new metro system project, and October 6, 1955 the management company has been created, which received 500 million from the municipality and further credit stredstv part. The first station was the Monte Rosa, built by May 4, 1957.
The first section of the metro from Lotto to Sesto Marelli (21stations) was opened on November 1, 1964, after 7 years of construction work. The line length was 12.5 km, and the average distance between stations -. 590 m in the same year (in April), work began on construction of the second metro line. Number of Milan metro passengers grew rapidly: from 37,092,315 in 1965 to 61,937,192 in 1969.

Hours Metro Milan

Milan Metro runs from 6:00 to 0:30. On Sundays and public holidays, the subway opened and closed later. At night, the underground work is replaced by buses, which follow on the subway route. Intervals of trains during peak hours vary from 2 minutes on Line 1 (center) and 3 minutes on three lines.
Stations are equipped with LED screens that display information about the direction and time of arrival of the train in the Italian language. The trains at each station heard announcement of the arrival station.

Tickets for the Milan metro

Tickets for the Milan metro can be bought from vending machines andticket offices in the metro, as well as in newspaper and tobacco kiosks. Tickets are valid on all forms of urban transport. Tickets must be composted in the turnstiles and to keep until the end of the trip - the controllers operate on the routes.
A single ticket allows you to make one trip to theany transport within the first 90 minutes after composting. For sale is a "book" of 10 tickets. Daily ticket (Biglietto giornaliero) and a two-day ticket (Biglietto bigiornaliero) allow unlimited travel for 24 and 48 hours, respectively, after composting.
The travel for a week (Settimanale 2x6) resolves 2a trip of 90 minutes to 24 hours on any form of transport. In Milan transport for bulky baggage is also provided baggage ticket (Biglietto per bagaglio).

Photos of Milan subway

  • Driving the Milan SubwayDriving the Milan Subway
  • Milan Metro: map, photos, description
  • Milan Metro: map, photos, description
  • Milan Metro: map, photos, description
  • Milan Metro: map, photos, description

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