Naples area - name, description, photos Naples areas where tourists stay

Areas of Naples

Areas of Naples

On the map of the capital campaign can be seen that itIt is divided into 30 districts (quarters). But tourists are most interesting neighborhoods and districts of Naples, the formation of which occurred historically (some of which coincide with the boundaries of districts).

The names and a description of areas of Naples

  • Spaccanapoli: on both sides of the street of the same name offers meet "Labyrinth" with its narrow alleys, on the study of which can go hiking enthusiasts.
  • Vomero: it will appeal to fans of silence; interest cableway Montesanto, Sant Elmo Castle (in the local museum, guests will visit the historical and art exhibitions) and Carthusian Monastery (in the interior there is a marble finish, there is a museum with an art collection, and from the observation deck offers a wonderful view of the Bay of Naples) .
  • Spagnoli: suitable for walking travelers busy street of Via Toledo.
  • Posillipo: It is recommended to explore the ruins of a Roman villa once existed "Pausilipon".
  • Via San Gregorio Armeno: here is a look interested workshops and craft shops, where they met the painters, sculptors, silversmiths (they can buy their favorite things or make an individual order).
  • Dekumano Inferiore: the area - a great place for a photo on a background of monumental buildings and historical monuments. It is worth to visit the Chapel of San Severo (her "treasures" are presented in the form of artistic tombstones made of marble - sculptures of various virtues, as well as sculptures of the 18th century, for example, "Getting rid of the spell").
  • Chiaia: famous Piazza del Plebiscito (has the shape of an amphitheater) with the Royal Palace, Palazzo Reale (interesting the National Library from 1000-E books and rare papyrus, and the Museum with works by Guercino, Titian, Mattia Preti), the Basilica of San Francesco di Paolo (recommended to admire the altar, adorned with frescoes and sculptures) Galleria Umberto I (a large shopping mall).

Holiday-makers in Naples should enjoy another attraction - Vesuvius volcano (its slopes are "sheltered" archaeological area).

Where to stay tourists

Tourists wishing to settle in a cozy place, can make a bet on the Vomero area - it will please them the presence of the old coffee houses, museums and shopping stores.

Want a daily basis to be able to walk through the gardens and squares, as well as the winding streets overlooking the bay? You will approach the placement means in Posillipo area.

Rooms in hotels quite attractive pricesIt can be removed in an area around the Central Station (30 euros / day). Another "plus" in the place of accommodation - located near Place Garibaldi, which offers metro, tram or bus to get to anywhere in the city. Before booking the hotel rooms and worth considering "minus" in the form of noise and dirt.

Photos Naples area

  • Areas of Naples
  • Areas of Naples
  • Areas of Naples

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