Naples Beaches: photo. The best sandy beaches in Naples (Italy)

Beaches in Naples

Beaches in Naples

In a warm country, which is washed by five seas,beach holiday in the sense know that Italy is ideal for those who want to visit the resort and do not forget about their cultural development. In this respect, good Naples.

After all, under the hot sun by studying the localattractions, you want to plunge into the cool sea water and cool off. And the easiest way is to go to one of the public beaches of Naples. They are small, and their infrastructure, they usually do not have, so a bed and umbrella will have to take with you. But small bars with soft drinks enterprising Italians in places still open. And put beside shower and toilet, they can also: it is necessary to attract visitors. Due to the fact that few free beaches, they have too many people.

Of interest are the private beaches of Naples. They are not enough, that the entrance fee is (10 to 20 euros), so still have to pay for sunbed and umbrella. But it's clean and well-developed infrastructure.


This beach is located in Bagnoli, Pozzuoli,that in half an hour from Naples. He is big and wide, and the water - crystal clear. Surprisingly, people are not so much, and yet somehow the beach is not far from the train station.

Bagno Elena

This is one of the famous beaches. Here you can take advantage of a cloakroom, a bar, hire sunbeds and umbrellas. Only there is one caveat: from 16 to 17 hours of sun a beach leaves.


This beach is located directly in the city, so it is considered not to be the cleanest. But when there is no time, and I want to swim, a visit to this place will be a good yield.


In the town of Sorrento, the beach is not. However it is necessary to go a little bit down from the railroad as a meet plenty of beautiful, if not panoramic, places. Some of them can be recommended for swimming. This Piano di Sorrento, Sant'Agnello and Meta. Here, amazingly pure blue water, though the beach - pebble.

Costriera Amalfitana

It is a pleasure - to visit the Amalfi Coast. True prdёtsya long enough to go to Naples, and the prices are far from low.

Marina di Licola

This is probably the only sea beach, whichlocals do not advise to use. It is believed that the water is dirty. Nevertheless, this beach is never empty. And since in this place are swimming, it is also necessary to include in our review.

And the best sandy beaches of Naples, and those thatworse, mandatory supervised by lifeguards. Italians prefer the end of July and August, to rest on the sea. And we have to avoid the rush by selecting a different time.

Photos Naples beaches

  • Beaches in Naples
  • Beaches in Naples
  • Beaches in Naples

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