How to fly from Naples to Moscow? Flight time Naples - Moscow

How to fly from Naples to Moscow?

How to fly from Naples to Moscow?

On vacation in Naples you managed to capture ain the photo on the background of Vesuvius, visit the gallery Umberto, explore the Palazzo Reale, the castle-monastery of San Michele, Naples Cathedral and the Chapel of San Severo, spend time in the aquarium Anton Dohrn Aquarium, planetarium INAF Capodimonte Astronomical, amusement parks Panda and Edenlandia, night clubs "Nabilah Beach Club" and the "Aurelio"? And now you're going to fly home?

How to fly from Naples to Moscow (direct flight)?

Distance of 2300 km you get over 3.5 hours(For example, a flight from "Meridiana Fly" will last for 3 hours and 40 minutes). Acquire a ticket to Moscow Naples travelers can for 12300-14500 rubles (rejoice ticket prices can be in October).

Connection Flight Naples-Moscow

Tourists are returning to Moscow, canoffer to change trains in Rome, Milan, Munich, Paris and other cities. Transplanting in Berlin ( "Air Berlin", "S7") will extend your trip for 5.5 hours (to the dock you will allocate less than 1 hour), Milan ( "Meridiana Fly", "Aeroflot") - 8 hours (you will fly about 5 hours), Istanbul ( "Turkish airlines", "Utair") - 7 hours (break between flights - 2 hours), Budapest ( "Wizz air") - 10 hours (on board aircraft air travelers spend 4 hours), Catania ( "Easy Jet", "Alitalia") - 23.5 hours (flight time - 5 hours), Copenhagen ( "Scandinavian airlines", "Aeroflot") - 8.5 hours (break between flights - about 4 hours), Barcelona ( "Vueling Airlines") - 11 hours (the flight itself will last 6.5 hours).

Choose a carrier

One of these companies will offer you to board the Boeing 737-800, Embraer175, Airbus A 318, Boeing 737-800, or other aircraft: "Meridiana Fly"; "S7 Airlines"; "Alitalia"; "Aeroflot".

Go check in Naples-Moscow youYou will be able to Capodichino Airport (NAP), located 8 km from the center of Naples (take bus number 3S or Alibus use the shuttle service). The airport is equipped with ATMs, post office, bank branch, free Wi-Fi, currency exchange and medical items, catering points. If desired, before leaving to spend the night in the hotel, located a 5-minute walk from the airport (there an outdoor swimming pool).

What to do in flight?

Air travelers recommend decideone of the relatives and friends to please souvenirs bought in Naples, in the form of Corno (red horn) - a symbol of good luck, Pulcinella - comic character of street theater (statues, pictures, toys), Neapolitan coffee, pasta, limoncello, giant lemon - chitrone, figurines handmade.


  • How to fly from Naples to Moscow?
  • How to fly from Naples to Moscow?

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