Naples 1 day: where to go in Naples

Naples 1 day

Naples 1 day

If you end up in southern Italy on September 19 havea chance to see Napoli for 1 day during the celebration of the Holy. Gennaro. In memory of the patron saint of the city of its residents satisfied with colorful parades and fairs, and the famous Neapolitan pizza that day tasty as ever.

See Naples and ...

Phrases about to see die and different cities in the world,it turns out, are just rewrite admiring exclamations Goethe traveled in 1787 to the south of Italy. He was so struck by the beauty of Naples that considered him worthy of the last trip. According to other versions, the German only repeated a favorite exclamation Neapolitans themselves, but one way or another, and the city's attractions at the foot of Vesuvius attract many thousands of tourists each year.
Start your acquaintance with Naples can have in hisMetro. Metro Line 1 of Naples is considered a model of modern art, and decoration of its stations is constant delight subway passengers.
Main City Palace - the residence of the Kings -built in the early XVII century. Its western facade attracts the attention of equestrian statues in which St. Petersburg with amazement learn ... masterpieces works Klodt from Anichkov Bridge. They were presented to the King of Naples, Nicholas I for the hospitality extended to the Russian tsarina during the Italian tour. For most of the statue of the bridge were cast again. Today, the royal palace is the National Library, and the ancient art fans can visit the Historical Museum of the apartment, which displays paintings by Titian.

In the list of masterpieces

Those who were in Naples for 1 day, willIt is not easy to have time to grasp the immensity. For example, the National Archaeological Museum is worth a visit if only for the items resulting from the excavation of buried under a layer of lava and ash of Pompeii. List of other decent facilities continue Naples:

  • Teatro San Carlo - the largest in the country by the number of spectators and accommodates one of the oldest in the Old World. It was opened in 1737, and on its stage over the years shone Caruso, Gigli, and Roubini.
  • Basilica of St. Clara - built church of the XIV century, where are buried the members of Neapolitan Bourbon. According to local legends, the married couple will live here in a long and happy married life. The visit to Naples on day 1 - a great reason to order a ceremony in this temple.
  • Certosa di San Martino - monastery on a hill, one of the attractions is a magnificent view of the Bay of Naples.


  • Naples 1 day
  • Naples 1 day

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