Water parks in Naples - photos, price, description

Water parks in Naples

Water parks in Naples

Holiday-makers in Naples falls a chance to visit the water park, located a 20-minute drive from the city center and very popular among children and adults of all ages.

Waterpark in Naples

Water park "Magic World" features:

  • swimming pool with artificial waves, Jacuzzi, "lazy river";
  • Teuco terrace (here visitors are invited to relax under the parasols on the sun loungers and soak in the hot tubs);
  • water slides, including the bravereleased "Anaconda" (attraction represented by 4 colored water slides; their height - 12 m), "Kamikaze" (height of 2 parallel slides - 20 m), "Big Hole" (attraction presented a slide-tunnel with lighting effects), "Ranger" , "family Rafting" (you can raft the whole family), as well as exotic tropical lagoon;
  • special swimming pools and slides, a playground young children;
  • 5D cinema in format;
  • restaurant.

Adult tickets cost 12 euros to guests and children - 8 euros.

It is worth noting that the "MagicWorld" guests oftenentertain Malibu Diving Show - presentation, during which demonstrate jumping into the water from a height of 25 m (this show is sure to leave you a lasting impression).

Water Activities in Naples

Prefer to pamper yourself swimming in the pool? On vacation you can every day to please yourself water treatments - you just stay in the hotel with a swimming pool, for example, in "Pelican Bay" or "Best Western Naples".

Guests of Naples certainly will be interesting to know,that the city opened Anton Dohrn Aquarium: visit it, they will be able to see the marine life in the 23 tanks as well as to visit the exhibition dedicated to the marine fauna and flora.

Those interested in a beach holiday will not onlyenjoy peace and quiet on the beaches, but also surfing, enjoying the waves of the Bay of Naples, and even diving (1 dive cost - 45 euros). And it is worth noting that all beaches are supervised by lifeguards.

Tourists are recommended to go to Bagno beachesElena (a wooden pier, changing rooms, bars, sun deck and sun beds), Lucrino (the beach is famous for clean water, not crowded here, created the conditions for a relaxing pastime), Marina di Licola (due to strong waves, this beach is popular with surfers).

With regard to private beaches, they have a well-developed infrastructure and will have to pay an entrance fee of 10-20 euros + separately for parasol and sunbed.

If you are not averse to rent a small boat,to go on a water tour of the bay of Naples, such entertainment will cost you 100 euros / 1 hour. Well, if you are not used to save on holiday and are secured by a tourist, you will be offered to rent a luxury yacht (boat trip on the Bay of Naples will cost at least 5000 euros / day).


  • Water parks in Naples
  • Water parks in Naples
  • Water parks in Naples

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