Excursions to Rimini. Sightseeing tours around Rimini

Excursions to Rimini

Excursions to Rimini

Rimini - true Italian city with a rich history and amazing architecture. Many excursions in Rimini remembered for a long time, because they allow you to become better acquainted with Italy.

Sightseeing excursions

Rimini, whose name in ancient times wasAriminum, famous rich history. It is in this city Caesar said "the die is cast," Malatesta of the rules in the Renaissance, birthplace of Federico Fellini. Rimini is famous for its amazing features for beach tourism, a beautiful old architecture. Sightseeing tours in Rimini allow to get acquainted with the past of the city, which was first established in the northern part of Italy. You can see the ancient Roman bridge, the arch of Augustus, Tiberius, the old bridge, the Malatesta Temple. Treat yourself to a truly rich vacation!

Top Rimini attractions

  1. Malatesta Temple.
    Malatesta Temple is the first point innumerous tours, which take place in Rimini. This temple is recognized as the finest example of Gothic Franciscan. Construction had at the XII century. Modified temple was built on the project of Leon Alberti, whose buildings are recognized as one of the most beautiful in Europe. In the XV century, local authorities rebuilt the small church in the family museum, and helped in the best craftsmen. Leon Alberti controlled the work, despite the fact that he lived in Rome. However, financial difficulties do not allow to implement the plan. Today, the Malatesta Temple, tourists can visit and noted the value of the two works, namely, "The Crucifixion" by Giotto, as well as a fresco depicting Sigismondo Malatesta author Piero della Francesca.
  2. Piazza Cavour.
    Cavour is the main area of ​​Rimini. It has some of the best local monuments representing different eras, but at the same time creating a harmonious ensemble. On the square you can see three beautiful palace, namely the Palace of communities Podestà. Noteworthy fountain "Pina", made of white marble, there are three levels, and at the top adorned fir-cone. Importantly, fir-cone symbolizes the independence of the Roman Empire. Cavour - is a wonderful place in Rimini, because this is where you can fully feel the spirit of antiquity.
  3. Palazzo Brioli.
    On Brioli arranged columns of the portico,remaining from the Roman Forum. Opposite them is an old palace which belonged to families Karampi and Baldinini. In the middle of the XVIII century scientific observatory located here. Complex Palazzo Brioli also includes the Clock Tower in 1562 with "Eternal astrological calendar." Later, the tower was rebuilt, with the result that it has got a beautiful view corresponding to modern trends.
  4. Tiberius Bridge.
    This attraction is known as "The Bridgethe devil ", because it surprised many people incredible strength. Construction began in the fourteenth BC. Tiberius Bridge is more than 2000 years and is still wooden piles are in good condition. The Romans were able to invent a mixture of volcanic ash and lime, so that the bridge is so long and can be as much again. The bridge has 5 arches, which are arranged from the smallest to the largest. Not surprisingly, the bridge of Tiberius became one of the most famous landmarks in Rimini!

Would you like to know the real Italy? In this case, a trip to Rimini required!

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